Rai nominations, the Casta ousts the Cinquestelle. But of course the fault is always theirs

Justice and information, once again and more than ever, in view of the election of the head of state and of a feared but not impossible early vote, return as in the roaring years of Berlusconi to be at the center of the interest of caste compacted transversely from right to left to protect its survival. Always and in any case guarantee the impunity of the elected representatives, even under the guise of an alleged protection of parliamentary immunity, as Renzi claims for the Open investigation, and be able to totally control Rai definitively ousting Conte’s M5s, not sufficiently homologated, are the absolute priority for the entire “constitutional period” at the time of Draghi: that is, everyone, excluding the grillini.

On the justice front, two cases that are legally different from a strictly technical point of view, but intimately connected, give a precise and alarming confirmation of the determination of the policy to (almost) always, and regardless, its people protected from the control of legality: and it does not matter. if it is necessary to climb on the mirrors, to “extend” the constitutional provisions for one’s own use and consumption, to expand the application rules at will. On the same day, the Council of the immunities of the Chamber in a very short time “saved”, denying permission the use of wiretapping concerning him, Cosimo Ferri, formerly a powerful current head of the Independent Judiciary as well as Renzi’s deputy; and almost at the same time in the Council for the immunities of the Senate, the Forza Italia rapporteur accepted the request for Matteo Renzi to protect themselves before the Constitutional Court against the prosecutors of the Open investigation regarding the acquisition of procedural data (conversations) made against another non-parliamentary suspect.

The first of the denied interceptions, the most important for the outcome of the disciplinary procedure against Cosimo Ferri, takes us back to the clandestine and nocturnal meeting of the Champagne Hotel in 2019 where Luca Lotti, very close to Renzi also by the Democratic Party, already investigated in Rome in the Consip case and a few months later indicted for aiding and abetting and to follow for revelation of secrecy. office, pilot together with five councilors of the Csm appointments and careers at the top of the judicial offices in which he is particularly interested: Rome, Perugia and Florence in the first place.

And now after the CSM had opened a disciplinary procedure that could have (finally) cost the career of the hyperactive Cosimo Ferri, once the politician’s shoes have been put aside, to save him from the irrefutable revelations of the abhorred Trojan in the phone of Luca Palamara they are the same politicians who every day in chorus inveigh against the misdeeds of the magistrates, the breakdowns of the currents and the degradation of the self-governing body.

The large majority that in the Giunta has sheltered the factotum, second perhaps only to Palamara, with the argument of the “non-randomness” of the interceptions that have thus become unusable, includes FI, Leu, Lega, Italia Viva and Pd. Parties that cannot be assimilated, but which even if with different tones relentlessly denounce the evils of justice, erroneously judge investigations and sentences blinded by partisanship, sign compactly or in no particular order the anti-judges referendums of the Radicals and the League and just as they have isolated the M5S – the only one to vote in favor of authorizing the use of the Trojan – have openly opposed or distanced themselves from the Bonafede reform, which proposed reasonable corrections against current drift.

The “Renzi case” is, if possible, even more striking: while he proclaims in the talks that he absolutely does not want to avail himself of immunity, on 7 October he had previously and unusually forwarded to the President of the Senate a vibrant request to be protected “with all the actions to protect his right of parliamentary “, regardless of the response already obtained from the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office where it was explained that the conversations in the proceedings they are not part of the foreclosed activities ex art. 68 of the Constitution. Renzi’s claim that the magistrates do not stick their noses into the Open Foundation, an investigation that configures illegal financing and corruption in the management of that “personal fund set up by a party secretary under the eyes of all those who they were close ”- as Pier Luigi Bersani a 8 and a half – for now it has obtained the proposal of the rapporteur in council to open a conflict of attributions against the prosecutor before the Constitutional Court. Soon Renzi will be heard, who will perform in another predictable one institutional one man show; then in a very short time the vote in the council, with a foregone conclusion, given that Italia Viva plus the center-right has the majority. And the convergence, all the more in view of the Quirinale match, is almost certain also in the Aula, where all the Renzians in the Democratic Party will be added.

Naturally, from the political-media circuit of the caste, Cosimo Ferri’s rescue is totally disappeared; as for the Open investigation, when it is present on TV and newspapers it is dismissed with a certain contempt for ridicule as a “media trial”. And on the other hand, the M5S and Conte are put on the dock for asking Renzi 13 simple questions about the money at the Open foundation and about the mud machine of Renzian communication, borrowed from Pio Pompa’s Berlusconi one.

It is almost logical and obvious that the point of view of these serial jammers, although they are still the relative majority party, has simply been eliminated in the division of public service in the vicinity of the election of the head of state and in view of the policies that perhaps, not you know how and when, they will be there.

What happened with the Rai appointments under the hypocritical and ridiculous cover of “merit” it is only an occupation and “a subdivision inversely proportional to the consensus”. But of course the fault is always theirs: of the M5S in no particular order, and of Conte “werewolf” who now also runs away from Rai as well as from Renzi, unable to do politics, failed and angry subdivisions, victims of their inadequacy. The trial has begun and the accusers, strong with granite arguments, multiply: from Cerasa (The paper) to Formigli (A clean sweep) up to the ineffable Stefano Cappellini, journalist of Republic with wife in Rai under the direction of the ubiquitous and newly promoted Mario Orfeo, who tweets sarcastically: “The subdivision is a scandal, we fight it! … Now, however, give us our share of the loot and no one will get hurt”.

The game is always the same, scolding of incapacity and inconsistency (and from which pulpits) the M5S because it did not bring home the reforms it was proposing, when it is well known that it never had the numbers in Parliament to do so and has always been marginalized and opposed to unified networks and newspapers.

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