No Green pass and No vax again in the procession in Rome they shoot big: “A million in the square”

They promise to be “1 million in the streets” and return to demonstrate in Rome more than a month after the assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL trade union that led, among others, the national and Capitoline leaders of Forza Nuova, Roberto, to jail. Fiore and Giuliano Castellino. The appointment for no vax and No Green pass is today, Saturday 20 November, in Rome, at 4 pm at Circo Massimo. They want to “abolish the green pass, stop the government.” Leading the mobilization is Nicola Franzoni: an entrepreneur originally from Lerici, La Spezia, who managed some activities between the eastern Ligurian city and Carrara, already denounced for the October clashes (on that occasion he had also received the ). Franzoni describes the vaccination plan as a conspiracy to “kill children” and to carry out a “mass extermination”, and is known for the insults and threats to Mario Draghi and Sergio Mattarella: in August he was also stopped by the forces of the order near the premier’s house in Città della Pieve. Of the head of state he says that he is “the first to pay for the betrayal and the sale of his people.”

“I’ll be there,” reads the poster of today’s demonstration. “You thought of dividing us and instead you united us.” There are many posters with which the city has been covered in recent days, while advertising vans for election campaigns were running through the streets with the announcement of this afternoon’s mobilization. If the million people in the square remains very unlikely, the hypothesis of reaching the 25mil protesters in October raises questions of public order. Digos, rebuilds, is monitoring. “For the moment it is more publicized than organized, but the degree of attention on our part is very high.” The event, scheduled from 16 every 20, as stated on the website of Rome Mobility, leads to parking restrictions on via del Circo Massimo already several hours before the start and in the surrounding streets. Traffic closures and deviations of bus lines are foreseen.

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Green pass vax procession Rome shoot big million square

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