The strange story of the Ama bonus: street sweepers paid for not going on vacation or sickness in Rome

A bonus for those who postpone holidays and leave until after January 9th. This is the move of the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri for the extraordinary cleaning plan of 40 million euros which aims to make the capital more decent by Christmas. Together with the new garbage destinations of Rome in Mantua, Livorno, Abruzzo and Latina. Which will have to make up for the unavailability of the Frosinone Tmb which led to the slowdown in ordinary deposits in the city. “The first boutade of the Rays-style junta,” comments the opposition.

The absences of street sweepers in Rome

The rate of absences in the municipal waste collection was around 15%; sick leave between 8 and 9.2%. For this reason, the sole director of the company Angelo Piazza, together with the Campidoglio, has set the goal of reducing absenteeism. And so employees who are not absent between November 22 and January 9 will have the greatest incentives. These include an additional prize with a total of 3 million euros allocated. Provided that there is a “reduction in the rate of absence due to illness of at least 10% (at least in the months of December and January) compared to the percentage recorded in the months of September and October 2021”. Councilor Sabrina Alfonsi thus hopes to conclude the plan by the end of the year, when a peak in waste production is also expected, the extraordinary cleaning program will unfold its effects. The agreement signed with the trade unions provides for “bonuses” of up to 360 euros for workers who will participate in the program by postponing holidays and permits and guaranteeing a high attendance rate during the holidays. «The bonus for Ama employees who do not get sick is the first Rays-style joke – says the Italian deputy Annagrazia Calabria -. A cash prize to go to work, with all due respect to the Romans who pay taxes ».

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strange story Ama bonus street sweepers paid vacation sickness Rome

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