Boldrini’s stilettate to the Pd from Feltrinelli in Rome. Photo of Pizzi

Boldrini’s stilettate to the Pd from Feltrinelli in Rome. Photo of Pizzi


The Honorable Laura Boldrini presented his new book “This is not normal. How to put an end to male power over women “(Chiarelettere) in dialogue with Jasmine Cristallo e Riccardo Iacona at the Feltrinelli in Rome, next to Palazzo Chigi, in the Alberto Sordi Gallery. The former speaker of the House said that “there is an enormous human capital of women on the left but then the candidates for mayors, the candidates for the region’s president, are not brought forward. There is a dissociation between what one says and what one does “.

With her, in Rome, the sardine Jasmine Cristallo and the deputy secretary Pd Peppe Provenzano. The first espoused Boldrini’s thesis, arguing that “in the field of the left women struggle more, on the right there is a woman leader”, while Provenzano, for his part, tried to line up the “merits” acquired on the field from the new course of Enrico Letta. Starting with the imposition of two women group leaders in the Chamber and Senate: “Just to give substance to what is said”. “On the evening of the administrative victory – Provenzano recalled – it was Letta who said that there was only one drawback: too few women mayors. There are many deputy mayors but very few mayors “.

“The Democratic Party has a greater responsibility because it is the largest progressive party in the country and must do more”, Provenzano later acknowledged, adding that “the Democratic Party has taken a resolution for which it withdraws the symbol from initiatives in which equality is not guaranteed gender. One cannot be an unaware feminist ”, quoting a passage from Boldrini’s book“ because it is a qualifier of political action ”.

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