Sassuolo massacre, Elisa’s audio: “Now Nabil is aggressive even with children”

Sassuolo massacre, Elisa’s audio: “Now Nabil is aggressive even with children”
Sassuolo massacre, Elisa’s audio: “Now Nabil is aggressive even with children”

Sassuolo, 20 November 2021 – “With the children has an aggressive attitude. He does not accept that one of his children has a problem to solve. With the psychologist he tried to deny the daily discussions but I unmasked him in front of her: we discuss every day and even for the children this situation is not good … “. On the one hand there was fear thererelated to what he could have done to her and her three children. But, even before leaving home and moving to her mother Simonetta Elisa mules, in confiding in a friend, sending a series of audio explained how difficult it was to get along with the partner. Nabil – explained the victim – denied in front of the others and above all the psychologist to whom she had addressed the continuous discussions at home, but also the aggression with her two children aged 2 and 5. A long conversation between two friends from which emerge the reasons that pushed the 43-year-old, gradually, to move away from the one who later turned into her killer.

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“I can’t stand it anymore, it’s a useless relationship”, the woman complained, confessing to her friend the difficulty in managing children, especially since she had noticed some ‘behaviors’ in one of the two children that had to be corrected with an education based on love and understanding. While he, Nabil, intervened aggressively towards the child. “In front of the doctor I turned around and told him that he told me these things. I said it in front of him – explained Elisa referring to the continuous arguments – He keeps telling me to go to the psychiatrist and I told him that I am going to the psychologist because I need support in managing children “.

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And again: “When the psychologist asked if we discuss in the family … that he looked at me … he said no and I turned around. I said: no? But if every day … when he gets nervous, he doesn’t look at who’s in the house. He thought that the doctor didn’t tell him anything, that I was a visionary and had seen things in our baby that didn’t exist. But a mother is not mistaken … I told him that the child had something but he does not accept it. If he doesn’t want to come to the psychologist, I’ll pick up the children and go live with them … If I have to deal with such hard heads … The journey takes two. I got annoyed “, the victim reiterated.

After that Elisa had confided to her friend that the father addressed the little ones aggressively. “He has those manners with children that tend towards aggression. When he scolds them … If I have to deal with someone like that. If he doesn’t want to listen to anyone and thinks he is the king down to earth … He would need therapy “. Elisa then closed the conversation with a sad, almost resigned tone, underlining that she wanted to leave but did not have the financial means to do so. “Better divided than … It was up to me, I had the possibilities, but I have three. I should be okay with my job: how can I manage such a thing? Sometimes with the craving for a happy family … pleasure. But one is happy and at peace alone. There is nothing to say for my children. But I was fine alone. Patience, life takes roads … “

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