No-vax writings in the middle of Tuscany, the author is from Pisa

Extensive police operation, found a chat with 20 thousand members, 3 leaders and 2 authors of the writings, one is a young man from the province of Pisa

PISA — The police, coordinated by the Florence prosecutor’s office, have identified a group of almost 20mil no-vax who chatted and organized actions against anti-Covid-19 vaccinations throughout Italy, operating on the main social platforms with over 50 between pages, groups, channels and chats.

This morning 5 searches were made to as many people residing in the provinces of Florence, Pisa, Brescia, Como and Viterbo. The 5 people can be linked to the “V_V” movement, an acronym for Voice of non-violent struggle for freedom and human rights. Just a Pisa a young that he would be responsible for no-vax writings in various parts of Tuscany and that he was already under investigation for these facts.

A system had been created, active in particular on Telegram, which had different roles and responsibilities and a defined hierarchical system. L’target was to create disorder and manifest dissent towards the current containment plan of the Covid-19 pandemic with no-vax demonstrations and writings, trying to recruit more and more people.

In groups they were also given advice on how to act, like: “Always move in blind spots in areas without cameras”, or vandalize “with a cap, sunglasses, mask, dressed in black”.

The participants in the chat, after having carried out some acts of vandalism, could have the title of warrior. AND warrior it was also the young of the province of Pisa responsible for various no-vax writings throughout Tuscany such as, last August, at the Nelson Mandela Forum vaccination center in Florence. The boy would be responsible for writings that also appeared in Pontedera, Ospedaletto in the Pisan area and in Empoli, Castelfiorentino and on the Fipili in the Florentine territory.

The investigation made it clear that the young man would have received information on the exact location of vaccination and drive-through centers from an employee of the Florentine ASL and had then taken the path traced by the organizers of “V_V” for the completion of the actions.

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