next week all of Italy will still be white, towards a reduction of the Green Pass duration to 9 months

The latest news in real time on Covid in Italy and in the world, updates today, Friday 19 November. The numbers of yesterday’s bulletin: 10,638 infections and 69 deaths. Gimbe: “In 7 days + 32% cases, + 15% hospitalizations, + 14% intensive”. Italy will remain in the white zone for another week, soon the Green Pass could last no longer 12 months, but 9. New EU map of the Covid risk: Veneto, Friuli and Marche in the red zone, Bolzano in dark red. In Sicily the obligation to wear an outdoor mask is back.

Vaccines, circular Figliuolo a Regioni: dose booster from 22 November for 40-59 year olds. So far 84.43% of the over 12 population has completed the vaccination cycle. Eliminated: Worldwide 256,086,918 infections and 5,132,341 deaths. New record of infections in Germany: here over 65 thousand new cases in 24 hours. The lockdown for everyone is back in Upper Austria and the Salzburg area. In Belgium the obligation to work from home returns. France, epidemic worsens again with 522 new hospitalizations and 57 deaths.

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Sileri: “There will be no lockdown if people take the third dose”

“There will be no lockdowns unless people just take the third dose. We are not at all in the situation of Austria and Germany and I am sure we will not get there.” To say this in an interview with ‘Il Tempo’ the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. “If anything, we need to push vaccinations in those areas of Italy where the percentage is lower, such as the Aprilia area in Lazio,” he adds. And on the possible return of red areas “In my opinion we will never end up with red, because it is impossible. And in the very remote hypothesis that some Region may turn orange, the stimulus must above all be to vaccinate more”.

Covid’s “case 1” would be a Wuhan market vendor

The first person infected with Covid was a Wuhan animal market vendor and not an accountant who lived miles away as determined by the World Health Organization. Rewriting the chronology of the pandemic – reports the New York Times – is the prestigious Science, thus rekindling the debate on the origins of the pandemic between the escape from the Wuhan laboratory to the contagion from animal to man. Scientist Michael Worobey, an expert in tracing the evolution of viruses at the University of Arizona, noted discrepancies between the public information available but also through interviews conducted in China. And he came to the conclusion that the seller’s ties to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market and the first hospitalized patients suggest the virus is coming from the market.

The news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today, Friday 19 November

In yesterday’s bulletin, 10,638 infections were recorded compared to 10,172 of the previous day. The deaths, on the other hand, were 69 against 72. The total number of registered cases rises to 4,893,880 while that of deaths has reached 133,034 since the beginning of the pandemic. 625,774 molecular and antigenic swabs were performed in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate stood at 1.7% against 1.1% yesterday. Currently, the Region with the highest number of cases is Lombardy

This is the situation region by region:

  • Lombardy: +1705
  • Veneto: +1603
  • Campania: +1037
  • Emilia Romagna: +929
  • Lazio: +1089
  • Piedmont: +566
  • Sicily: +501
  • Tuscany: +341
  • Puglia: +233
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +615
  • Walk: +290
  • Liguria: +315
  • Calabria: +198
  • Abruzzo: + 354
  • P.A Bolzano: +425
  • Sardinia: +114
  • Umbria: +80
  • P.A Trento: +95
  • Basilicata: +25
  • Molise: +56
  • Aosta Valley: +67

Worldwide there are at least 256,086,918 infections, 256,086,918 deaths, 7,599,710,184 vaccine doses administered.


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