Csm, the reverse on Prestipino in Rome triggers the Procure- Corriere.it waltz

Csm, the reverse on Prestipino in Rome triggers the Procure- Corriere.it waltz
Csm, the reverse on Prestipino in Rome triggers the Procure- Corriere.it waltz
from Giovanni Bianconi

The self-governing body surrenders to the Council of State and reneges on the appointment: the new candidates are the prosecutor of Palermo Lo Voi, favored, and the attorney general of Florence Viola

In the end, the self-governing body of judges surrendered to the Council of State, reneging on the appointment of the Rome prosecutor decided just a year and a half ago: yesterday the Executive Commission of the Higher Council of the Judiciary indicated the new candidates, leaving out Michele Prestipino, appointed in March 2020, and divided between the prosecutor of Palermo, Francesco Lo Voi, and the attorney general of Florence, Marcello Viola. In fact, we return to the names in the running in May 2019, when the discovery of the plots of the former councilor Luca Palamara (woven together with the deputies Cosimo Ferri and Luca Lotti, both Renziani at the time) canceled the result and reopened the game ended with the appointment of Prestipino.

The favorite in Rome

But first the TAR and then the Council of State rejected the choice of the CSM, establishing – in essence – that an assistant prosecutor (who was then Prestipino) cannot exceed a district attorney in the assessment of aptitudes and accumulated experience. And yesterday the CSM commission adjusted, despite the belief of many that it would have been more appropriate to let the current prosecutor work. However, compared to May 2019, the balance of power has reversed: Lo Voi had four votes out of six, while Viola collected only one; the exact opposite of the 2019 ballot. Favorito therefore seems to be the current prosecutor of Palermo, who has received the consent of the representatives of the three main togate currents (independent judiciary, his group to which he belongs, the left of Area and the centrists of Unicost) and of the layman expression of Forza Italia, Alessio Lanzi. The other layman, Fulvio Gigliotti, abstained. Sebastiano Ardita, co-founder of Autonomy and Independence before the break with Piercamillo Davigo (both escaped from the current of Lo Voi and Viola) sided with Viola (also from Mi).

The Milan match

Now there are some formal steps to be taken (reports on the two proposals and a concert by the Minister of Justice), then the vote of the plenum which should arrive by December. It will be the first piece of a domino involving the main prosecutors in the country. Having settled that of Rome, the successor of Francesco Greco in Milan will have to be decided, and among the candidates there is still Viola, should Lo Voi arrive in the capital. added from Milan, Maurizio Romanelli. That he would be the natural successor of Greco according to the Ambrosian tradition (which has lasted for about forty years) of a head chosen within the office; but after the fibrillation of recent times, and with the sentence of the Council of State which has already determined the choice of Rome, it will not be as simple as it has been up to now. Although the request for filing for Greco on the so-called Amara case has reduced the effects of the poisons circulated in the Prosecutor’s Office and made room for the hypothesis of continuity.

The other challenges

From that appointment, depending on the designee, other matches will depend. Because if Amato (from Unicost, who was the favorite until recently) wins, the succession would open in Bologna. But with Lo Voi in Rome, the post of prosecutor in Palermo would be put up for competition first, to which Viola could still aspire if he were not even nominated in Milan. He has already worked in the Sicilian capital as a district anti-mafia substitute, and after two possible rejections it would not be easy for the CSM to block his path again; but it would still be in contention with other equally accredited candidates, and it would be an open game.

The anti-mafia

Another appointment on the waiting list is that of the head of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, replacing Federico Cafiero De Raho who will retire from February 18. The main district attorneys of Italy have submitted an application, as well as the current deputy of the DNA Giovanni Russo. But with Lo Voi in Rome the predictions focus on Giovanni Melillo, prosecutor of Naples, and Nicola Gratteri, prosecutor of Catanzaro. Which would leave one of the two armchairs free. And if the choice were to fall on Melillo, Gratteri could aspire to Naples. But these are cascading decisions that will probably affect the next CSM since the current one, altered and disavowed, will expire in July 2022.

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