DANGER FOG, even THICK on the WEEKEND, that’s where «3B Meteo

DANGER FOG, even THICK on the WEEKEND, that’s where «3B Meteo
DANGER FOG, even THICK on the WEEKEND, that’s where «3B Meteo

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Weather forecast. The fog returns to the Po Valley

ANTI-CYCLONE IN REINFORCEMENT, THERMAL REVERSALS INTENSIFY. The anticyclone that is expanding from Western Europe to Central Europe and Italy will favor a stabilization of the weather in weekend also on our regions, after the long presence of a Mediterranean vortex which during the week caused episodes of bad weather, even intense. We will face some days characterized by frequent conditions of good weather, but also by formation of thermal inversions that will culminate in the night hours on the plains and on the valley floors of the central-northern regions.

WEEKEND, FOGS IN VAL PADANA. In these situations, however, the Po Valley will be subject to the formation of mists, fogs and low clouds that will weigh on the plain, also resulting thick and reducing visibility, even though it thins out at least partially during the day, with the action of the sun.

Already on Friday the mists will be protagonists in the North, especially along the course of the Po, where in the coldest hours they can significantly reduce visibility. Even more dense may be Saturday, concentrated above all along the Po, where shoals will be able to resist even in the central hours of the day, while Sunday should rise partially generating a low cloudiness rather widespread on the plains of Northern Italy, waiting for the first rains from the west to arrive during the day, linked to an impulse of instability coming from southwestern Europe. A little fog can also make its appearance on the medium-high Adriatic at the end of the week, especially on the high coast of the Marche region.

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