Murder of Nada Cella, the anonymous witness could be a nun or a perpetual

Murder of Nada Cella, the anonymous witness could be a nun or a perpetual
Murder of Nada Cella, the anonymous witness could be a nun or a perpetual

Genoa – It could be a nun or an anonymous perpetual witness that on the morning of May 6, 1996 he would have seen Annalucia Cecere, the former teacher investigated for the murder of Nada Cella, go away with a scooter from Via Marsala. It is one of the hypotheses that the prosecutor and the investigators of the mobile team are working on trying to trace the woman. In fact, the woman is defined as “young lady” which in Genoese was used to indicate the perpetuals or nuns. But also prostitutes. But she could also be a simple single woman.

In the last few days they would show up some people who would recognize the voice but the investigators are checking their credibility. The anonymous, it emerged yesterday, was not alone.

“The others are all silent but we were different. I don’t mention names but we were different, I don’t know why the others don’t speak. There were five of us“, he says in the August 1996 phone call made to the house of Marco Soracco, the accountant where Nada worked. The latter was the one to answer. The two are under investigation for false statements to the prosecutor because, according to the prosecution, not they would tell everything they knew about Cecere and the crime.

The other two audios released by the police to find the witness:

Murder Cella, the police broadcast two more audios to find the witness: “They’re all silent, we were at least five”

In recent days another clip of the call had been released in which the woman said she had seen Cecere “all dirty put everything on the scooter and go away”. The scooter was seized and for investigators there could be traces of DNA. To suggest that the anonymous may be close to the ecclesiastical world also the fact of having described Cecere as one prone to violence. A circumstance that would suggest a non-superficial knowledge. The former teacher had been to an institute in Santa Margherita: could he have met her there? A question that could be answered by the woman who phoned three months later saying she had seen Annalucia.

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