Parma, minibus ends up on the railway and is hit by the train: a dead man

A minibus carrying four people ended up on the railroad tracks and was hit by a passing train. The tragic accident in Pontetaro, in the municipality of Fontevivo in the province of Parma. One person has died and three others are in serious condition. The incident took place shortly after 13.30 on Thursday 18 November.

According to what was reconstructed, the vehicle was traveling on a road adjacent to the railway and did not crash from the A15 viaduct, as was first learned.

Minibus ends up on the railway and is hit by the train: the tragic accident in the province of Parma

According to an initial reconstruction, the driver of the minibus – a Fiat Doblo of the Emc2 Onlus cooperative engaged in the school transport of some disabled people – would have lost control of the vehicle, ending up on the railway tracks of the ordinary Milan-Bologna line and being hit by a train. regional in transit. At the crossing point there is a sharp bend. The level of the railway is about one meter higher than the road: technical investigations are underway to understand the exact dynamics of the accident and why the van pulled straight ahead, perhaps due to a sudden illness of the driver. For now, all the hypotheses are open: the scientific police have worked to reconstruct the dynamics. According to some witnesses, three people literally jumped off the bus before the impact with the train. The fourth person – the victim – would not be able to jump and would then die instantly.

On board the van there were two boys, an assistant and the driver. The victim is an 18-year-old boy who attended the Istituto Solari di Fidenza. Of Ivorian origin, born in Italy, he was a resident of Fontevivo. Another 18-year-old student of the Magnanghi Institute in Salsomaggiore is in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Maggiore hospital. The assistant, a 40-year-old woman, and the driver of the minibus – a 56-year-old employee of the cooperative who was carrying out the school transport service on behalf of Asp Fidenza – are hospitalized: they would be serious but not life threatening.

All passengers on the train would be in good health. Ambulances, police, carabinieri, forensics and firefighters are on site.

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Parma minibus ends railway hit train dead man

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