Covid mutations, AY.4.2 spreads to Great Britain and Italy. “Higher contagion speed”

Covid mutations, AY.4.2 spreads to Great Britain and Italy. “Higher contagion speed”
Covid mutations, AY.4.2 spreads to Great Britain and Italy. “Higher contagion speed”

The Delta variant is mutating. In the sequences that are being carried out in Italy, the underline of the Plus appeared, that is to say the AY.4.2, which now represents more than 10 per cent of cases and which is also running in the United Kingdom. According to initial surveys, it has a speed of infecting 15 percent higher than the original version of the Delta which, in turn, was much faster than the Alfa (at least 70 percent faster).

Delta plus variant but not only

“In our laboratories – explains Professor Vittorio Sambri, director of the Microbiology Operating Unit of the Single Laboratory of Ausl Romagna – we have found another sub-variant of the Delta, very different from the Plus. It is called AY.43 and is appearing with a certain frequency in the sequencing we perform. Now we need to go further and figure out if this second underline is even faster. The mutation of the Delta can certainly be an explanation for the acceleration of infections in many areas of Europe and in the United Kingdom “.

Vaccines resist

According to Professor Sambri – but scientists agree on these – Delta Plus does not cause a more serious disease and does not bypass the vaccine. “On the contrary – observes Professor Sambri – Delta Plus may have a lower ability to cause symptoms”. The first data also say the same of the AY.43, but more in-depth studies will be needed. “There are now two Covid diseases: one is that of vaccinated people who, fortunately in a very minority, can become infected, but who in the vast majority of cases recover quickly. The other is the disease that attacks the unvaccinated: the consequences continue to be very serious ».

Delta Plus is advancing in Britain

In the United Kingdom they confirm: one out of ten Covid contagion is now with the Delta Plus variant (AY.4.2). The React-1 study explains that since September it has been advancing at a growth rate of 2.8% per day.
The tests were carried out between October 19 and November 5 on a sample of 100,000 people: 11.8% were affected by the variant. Also according to this research, Delta Plus is more infectious but has a lower ability to cause symptoms than the more common Delta strain.



Covid mutations AY42 spreads Great Britain Italy Higher contagion speed

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