Obligation, vaccination for children and duration of the Green pass: this is what changes

Obligation, vaccination for children and duration of the Green pass: this is what changes
Obligation, vaccination for children and duration of the Green pass: this is what changes

The new wave of infections from coronavirus, which yesterday exceeded the psychological threshold of 10 thousand cases recorded in 24 hours, is forcing experts to ask themselves a few questions to address the situation before Italy is once again overwhelmed by the emergency. The dose booster vaccine for all over 18s now seems obvious but there are several initiatives that the government intends to undertake and several have already been taken to curb the contagion race that seems to have regained force with the arrival of the cold. Here are the news.

Third dose

In these days the Regions have opened the reservation for the administration of the booster booster of the vaccine against the coronavirus also to over 40. For the moment, subjects between 18 and 39 years old are excluded but the idea is to proceed gradually to reach the third dose for all adults within a few weeks.

Vaccine for children

For under 12s, the decision of theMom it is expected by the end of the month and at that point too Aifa should issue the authorization for administration in Italy, which if the deadlines are respected could be started before Christmas.

Vaccination obligation

In the meantime, the rule that makes the third dose mandatory for all is on the table health workers and RSA workers. It should be in force as early as December and ministry sources report that operators in these sectors will have one month to adapt to the update of the directive, before being suspended. Meanwhile, the ministry reports that about half of health workers have already received the third dose.

Duration of the Green pass

By adapting to the indications that come from scientific studies on vaccines and their efficacy, as well as on the authorization to carry out the third dose, the duration of the Green pass it should be reduced from 12 to 9 months. Someone goes so far as to propose an even shorter duration, equal to 6 months, but the government seems to favor the first hypothesis.

Certificates update

The remodeling of the Green pass for those who have received the vaccine should be aligned with that of those who have recovered from illness, which is currently 6 months. The government is thinking of an automatic update of the Green Passes issued.

Green pass under 40

The new terms should come into force at the end of December, when the possibility of booking the third dose will also be opened to under 40. This should not create void areas in individuals who, being less than 40 years old, will see their vaccination certificate expire before receiving the booster.


Obligation vaccination children duration Green pass

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