what to do on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November

A weekend at the end of November, with an autumn climate that is expected to be without rain, which invites you to go out to carve out moments of leisure in the city.

The Roman billboard offers events to be experienced outdoors and also indoors, including theatrical performances, exhibitions and art festivals. The weekend is also synonymous with tastings and tastings, pasta and wine. Shopping time, even at Christmas time, in the markets around the city. Space for the little ones, and for families, with two events dedicated to children: from theater to creative workshops. Hours of relaxation are also offered this weekend by the theaters of the city, with ironic comedies and engaging shows.

What to do in Rome on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November

Time for tastings and tastings at the Festa dell’Amatriciana at Eataly, for a culinary journey around one of the most iconic dishes of the region. In Vignanello, in the province of Viterbo, the second and last weekend dedicated to oil and new wine is scheduled, with tastings, markets and flag-waving shows. A weekend of variety and entertainment at the Ellington Club between Burlesque Show and Sunday brunch accompanied by music. An unknown and unpublished Rome is on display at Spazio5, in a photographic journey in the Riccardi Archive. Appointments also for the little ones, such as the Monelli Books Festival with workshops, readings and shows for the whole family. To each his own moment of fun and entertainment, an opportunity not to be postponed.

Here, then, are the events not to be missed on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November in Rome and its surroundings:

The markets

On Saturday and Sunday at the Labia Park the Hippie Market returns, an event where you can discover the colorful Hippie caravan made up of Street Chefs, artisans and designers, musicians, Street Bands, dancers, magicians, holistic operators, children and writers. Shopping, also in view of Christmas, at the Urban Bazar in the Micro Arti Visive art gallery. A market exhibition dedicated to artisans, creatives and designers made in Italy, Urban Bazar offers clothing, bags, accessories, shoes of Italian brands. The h24 edition of the Vinyl Village returns to the City of the Other Economy. Two whole days to dig, to have fun, to spend your time in the best way to the sound of good music among thousands of vinyls and CDs.

Events for children and families

At the Circolo ARCI del Brancaleone two days with the Monelli Books Festival, which aims to promote the pleasure and urgency of reading among children and young people. Between Saturday and Sunday there will be creative workshops, the Captain Calamaio show and many readings and animations. On Saturday at the Amphitryn Theater the theatrical show of “The Little Prince”. The show is represented through a lively stage setting, with engaging colors and music. It will also offer the child spectators the opportunity to interact verbally during some scenes of the performance.


At the Olympic Theater, Francesca Reggiani stages the show “Gatta Morta”. A new one-woman-show with unpublished characters and sketches on equal opportunities, which are often neither very equal nor very appropriate. At the Ciak Theater an author comedy is staged, “Help me my love”, with Debora Caprioglio and Maurizio Micheli, inspired by the homonymous Italian comedy film of the 60’s with Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti. Laura Morante staged the show “Io Sarah io Tosca” at the Ambra Jovinelli Theater on the story of Sarah Bernhardt, the great French diva to whom Sardou dedicated his famous drama La Tosca, set to music by Puccini. In Ostia at the Lido Theater the show “The intellectuals of Piazza Vittorio” is staged, a re-adaptation of Moliere’s The Intellectuals, which also speaks in an ironic key of women who try to reconcile their thousand attitudes.

Feast of oil and new wine

In Vignanello, in the province of Viterbo, the XXI edition of the Novello Oil and Wine Festival will take place, accompanying them with guided tours and taste itineraries and guided tastings. On weekends there will also be a craft market, enlivened by historical re-enactments and the spectacle of flag-wavers and musicians from Vignanello. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Feast of the amatriciana

From Eataly a weekend dedicated to the original dish of the city of Amatrice, a must on the menus of Roman taverns and beyond. On the third floor of Eataly, you can savor a rich range of culinary proposals from the most classic to the most delicious, obviously all based on amatriciana. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Photographic exhibition on Rome

At Spazio5 on display the shots of the Riccardi Archive with the theme “Rome. Misery, Beauty, Courage “. Over 3 million negatives made in the course of a long career, started by Carlo Riccardi by portraying the allied soldiers stationed in the newly liberated Rome, and then exploded as a ‘paparazzo’ in the years of the Dolce Vita but also photojournalists for various newspapers, portraying the most different characters, events and situations that have marked the last 70 years of our country’s history. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Music and Burlesque

Music and the Burlesque Show are staged at the Ellington Club on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday 20: Burlesque Show alternating with Orchestra Swing by Emanuele Urso. Sunday 21: Brunch with Vinyl DjSet, opening from 11.00 and closing at 19.00 with free admission. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Art review on Togliatti

The “Luci sulla Togliatti” review is scheduled at the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, to subvert the stereotypes of a theme that is never sufficiently deepened, that of the submerged world of sex work. On Saturday and Sunday, Carlotta Piraino’s Togliatti Mon Amour is staged in collaboration with Fortezza Est and the Mauro Rostagno Festival. The show tells the nocturnal world of viale Palmiro Togliatti, through the story of the “Furgonaro”, user of the Spotted Togliatti blog to whom various “customers” write anonymous reviews of their meetings. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Arts Festival in Capranica

Back to Capranica “Creative Cloud. Festival of the Arts ”, which this year has as its subtitle“ Ghê Gaia Terra / Reflections on the relationship between Man and the Environment ”. Over sixty artists involved, including painters, musicians, performers and poets. A review of stories and atmospheres, references and stories in which the gaze is focused on the universe of the environment. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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