dozens of emails against Ulss 2

I am dozens and dozens the emails arrived on Wednesday 17 November at Ulss 2 in defense of Dr. Riccardo Szumski, mayor and general practitioner in Santa Lucia di Piave. The messages contain offenses and accusations against the Treviso health company and the director general, Francesco Benazzi, who comments: “The authors of these messages are convinced that Dr. Szumski’s radiation depends on Ulss 2 but in reality it was decided by the Order of doctors. In any case, I am responding to everyone in person, so far we have not received threats but the offenses have not been lacking – continues Benazzi -. There is nothing personal between me and Dr. Szumski. For me the only remedy to get out of Covid is vaccination “.

Torchlight procession in support of Szumski

Giovanni Zorzi, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party in Treviso, on the other hand, comments on the torchlight procession announced in support of the mayor of Santa Lucia di Piave: “I ask the Prefect to pay close attention so that the announced torchlight procession does not give rise to situations of risk for the safety of the community of Santa Lucia di Piave. Today the Marca, by number of positives, is the Venetian province most exposed to the virus: we do not want it to happen as in Trieste, considering the sacrifices made by traders, artisans and workers in recent months to resume working and producing. The offense that Mayor Szumski has addressed to the highest office in the state is of absolute gravity – Zorzi affirms – His justifications are worthless: if he had been consistent with his positions, Szumski would have already had to resign as mayor “. The secretariat of the Circle of the Democratic Party of Santa Lucia di Piave says it is «in total disagreement with the positions taken by the mayor regarding the pandemic that led to the farce of the gazebo in the square. We are in solidarity with the Head of State for the serious institutional offense received by a mayor of the Republic. point out the dem of Santa Lucia -. It is time to clarify: people with institutional positions must also have a sense of proportion in expressing their opinions, because they do not represent only themselves “.

Minority councilors Finally, Paola Bornia and Alessandro Marsura from the “Cambiare Santa Lucia” list recall that «from the beginning of the pandemic the mayor defined the masks as ‘muzzles’, with a dubious sense of irony regarding a health problem that has created thousands of victims. In the city council – they still say – we expressed ourselves in favor of the green pass, which instead was defined by the mayor as ‘blackmail against people’. Finally, we feel offended by the fact that a mayor who represents the state at the local level insults its President by calling him a traitor and for this reason we ask for his immediate resignation ».


dozens emails Ulss

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