recall before 6 months “

recall before 6 months “
recall before 6 months “

Professor Francesco Pugliese, head of the Goddess of the Umberto I polyclinic and full professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Faculty of Medicine of the Sapienza, are returning, albeit gradually, to fill the beds.
«Yes, but the level is still below the critical threshold. In recent days, however, there has been an increase in hospitalizations. At Umberto I we have ten patients hospitalized with 11 beds in the intensive care unit. Within a week, we will bring the available jobs to 15 following the reorganization decided by the Region ».

Who are the patients admitted to the most critical ward?
“In 80% these are unvaccinated patients, subjects who therefore refused or did not start the immunization process against Sars-Cov-2 while in the remaining part, or 20%, and therefore in two beds there are vaccinated patients. I am a 72 year old man and a 46 year old woman ».

So patients who have finished the first cycle but are infected and are in serious condition?
“They are patients who closed the first cycle six months ago and were therefore within the target of people to be recalled with the third dose, their conditions are not critical”.

However, this shows how the recall is fundamental at a time when infections are starting to grow again.
“Absolutely. We must start from an assumption: the two patients vaccinated and hospitalized now in intensive care have important co-pathologies and their antibody coverage was practically reduced so this means that the third dose is fundamental also because not all people develop that one in the same way. that we can call the “barrier” to the virus ».

Let’s clarify this aspect: how long does the vaccine last?
«From the studies and scientific literature produced so far, we have a time limit of 180 days, that is six months but not all organisms develop antibodies in the same way and for the same duration. There are also individuals who, for example, are unable to immunize themselves, to produce antibodies or to produce them in very low quantities and it is essential for them that others are covered ».

The councilor for health Alessio D’Amato in an interview with Il Messaggero suggested an even shorter time to proceed with the recall: five months from the second dose instead of six. What do you think?
«It is a sustainable proposal precisely due to the fact that each organism responds differently to the vaccine input. Another aspect must also be clear: the vaccine is needed but the antibodies and the resistance it produces are not universal for all patients. For this reason the councilor’s proposal should be accepted since also in England, for example, with the Johnson & Johnson drug, the recall to five months and not six months is being discussed “.


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