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“Ndrangheta: Milan investigation, including financier arrested. Military accused of corruption, ‘on the payroll of the clan’
There is also a financier, now a former soldier of the Gdf of Olgiate Comasco (Como), among the 54 people arrested in the Lombard branch of the maxi investigation against the ‘Ndrangheta. The financier Michele Contessa, as stated in the almost 1500 pages of the decree of arrest of the Milanese prosecutors, is a “subject to the ‘payroll’ of the Salerni family” who in exchange for money would have carried out “acts contrary to official duties”, that is, “communicates confidential information” as part of a tax audit on Sea Trasporti, a company at the center of the investigation and controlled by the clans, or “carries out interventions at their request in the event of administrative sanctions imposed on their means”. Hence the accusation of corruption for “monthly sums of money”, promised and in part given, “overall not less than 4,700 euros”, in addition to “repeated supplies of fuel”.

Rolex seizure from civilian police station employee

In the investigation of the DDA of Florence on the cocaine trafficking of the ‘Ndrangheta from the port of Livorno, a civilian employee of the Ministry of the Interior was arrested, who was on duty at the police station of Legnano (Milan), whose home was searched . A Rolex watch was also confiscated during the inspection, which, according to investigators, the man would have received as compensation for his services. For the prosecution he would have produced at least five passports, original and completed, however, with false generalities: the documents would have been used by three fugitives. The investigations continue.


Ndrangheta Milan investigation including financier stopped Rolex seizure civilian police station employee InfoOggiit

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