“I would bring validity to 6 months”

“I would bring validity to 6 months”
“I would bring validity to 6 months”

Bringing the validity of the Green pass to nine months “makes sense. I would take it to six, I honestly say that. The problem is that we then leave practically all Italians without a green certificate “. Thus Andrea Crisanti, full professor of microbiology at the University of Padua, spoke this morning to ‘Buongiorno’ on Sky Tg24.” I have always maintained – explained Crisanti – that the Green pass is not a public health measure, because in fact the impact has never occurred. The fact that it was already known months ago that the vaccination lasts about six months strengthened my judgment. There is certainly a temporal mismatch between the duration of the Green pass and the duration of the vaccination – underlines – in the sense that after six months the protection against infection decreases from 95% to about 40%, while the protection against serious complications of the disease decreases from 90% to 65%. So although poorly protected against infection, people are still quite protected against serious complications. It is not true that after six months the vaccine no longer works, but a person can become infected and transmit the disease and this is in contradiction with the duration of the Green pass “.

According to the professor “bringing the recall up to five months has its own logic, it must be seen if all this is feasible from the point of view of the logistics of the health system. It would be appropriate because it anticipates the fall of protection “.” It must be said – emphasizes Crisanti – that the third dose completely restores the protection, Israel’s data from this point of view are unequivocal “.” Perhaps – highlighted Andrea Crisanti – we should have planned the third dose right away, explaining that it is not vaccine failure, but part of the vaccination process: there are other three-dose vaccinations, we shouldn’t think of the third dose as vaccine failure. ”

You will also need one fourth dose? “I hope not – he replied – but we are still in the so-called ‘learning curve’ regarding this disease and the power of these vaccines, second and third generation vaccines will certainly be produced, they are already in development, they will improve in terms of of effectiveness and duration “.

As for the next Christmas, “will be freer. My optimism – he explains – comes from looking at what is happening in the United Kingdom, where they have vaccinated less than us, around 75% of the population, but they do not apply the measures and containment that we apply here. There is no ban on gathering and no obligation to use the mask indoors, and a balance has been established at 40 thousand cases and 150 deaths per day. In Italy, in addition to a higher vaccination coverage, we have measures such as the obligation to wear a mask indoors and the Green pass. Here, I think we will reach a lower balance, probably around 15-20 thousand cases, and an acceptable number of deaths and no higher than that which could cause severe influence “.” If we abandon the measures in place we end like the United Kingdom and there we enter another debate “, he added.


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