supermarket layoffs in Milan and Lombardy

Carrefour Italy crisis continues. Almost a thousand people could lose their jobs all over Italy, but especially in Milan and Lombardy. The French multinational of large-scale distribution, in fact, has formalized the collective dismissal procedure announced in recent weeks to the trade unions as part of the discussion activated between the Parties on the 2022 Business Plan.

According to what the social partners report, in a note from Fisascat, 769 workers are involved in the staff reduction procedure in 9 Regions: Valle D’Aosta, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Sardinia. There are 261 redundancies in 27 hypermarkets, 313 in 67 markets, 168 in 10 cash & carry and 168 jobs at the administrative offices of Milan, Nichelino, Rome, Airola, Gruliasco, Naples, Rivalta and Moncalieri.

Carrefour in crisis: “Unsustainable situation, but voluntary exodus”

“The reasons behind the surplus situation are to be identified in the serious economic management situation. The overall decline in turnover and customers on the one hand, and the incidence of labor costs on the other, have led to a situation of serious imbalance that it is no longer sustainable and forces the company to make a structural intervention aimed at rebalancing the relationship between personnel and turnover “, the company writes to the trade unions. The incentive redundancy plan that Carrefour presented to the trade unions will be managed exclusively on a voluntary basis through the activation of a formal procedure as required by law, and will involve approximately 600 employees of the direct sales outlets throughout the country and 170 employees of the headquarters central”. The French giant reiterates this in a note that “confirms the commitment, in the context of discussions with the trade unions and the institutions in charge, to ensure the best possible solution for each employee involved, favoring internal relocation and paths for entrepreneurship “. “With the relaunch plan, Carrefour confirms the company’s willingness to stay and continue to invest in Italy, with the aim of returning to profitability and lasting and sustainable growth”, concludes the report.

The union: “The road to layoffs is not viable”

“Fisascat Cisl believes that the path of a confrontation aimed solely at allowing dismissals and sale of shops to third parties is not viable”. This was declared by the assistant general secretary of the Cislin federation Vincenzo Dell’Orefice who urged “Carrefour Italy to integrate its action plan with parts relating to the future prospect of the directly managed network in Italy”. Starting with “a detailed investment plan on the physical commercial network, which in many cases presents structural defects that make the points of sale less and less usable and that often end up alienating customers from the brand”. To then intervene, he continues, with “a focus on the hypermarket, a format that plays a significant role in the corporate organization of the French multinational in Italy, also in terms of employees, and which, therefore, must necessarily be relaunched, if indeed Carrefour wants to stay in our country “. And therefore “from the definition of a protocol on the working conditions and treatment of employees employed in the franchising branch and in outsourced activities”. “Tackling a negotiation only to allow the Company to reach the breakeven point in 2022, without it making specific commitments on the relaunch of its business and on the preservation of employment – said Dell’Orefice – is not feasible”.

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