Violent storm on Termini Imerese, the mayor’s appeal: “Please stay home”

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November 16, 2021 5:36 PM


A violent storm hit Termini Imerese causing flooding, damage and inconvenience. The industrial area is one of the most affected areas. “Please stay home, avoid traveling until the alarm goes off.” This is the appeal launched by the mayor of Termini Imerese, Maria Terranova.

Shops and basements in several areas of the town are flooded with water, several motorists stranded and stuck in cars. A river of mud and debris has invaded via Libertà. Many activities were literally flooded first by water and then by the river of mud with damage to structures and machinery. Among the companies affected, that of the president of Confindustria Palermo, Alessandro Albanese.

“The situation is critical – warns the mayor, in a video in which she herself walks in the rain through the streets invaded by mud -. The Barratina river has practically overflowed, it is all a swamp and the area is impassable”. The mayor has called an urgent meeting with the police.


Violent storm Termini Imerese mayors appeal stay home

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