Maneuver, clash between trade unions and Bianchi Minister of Education. “Insufficient resources” and more. Meeting Thursday

Maneuver, clash between trade unions and Bianchi Minister of Education. “Insufficient resources” and more. Meeting Thursday
Maneuver, clash between trade unions and Bianchi Minister of Education. “Insufficient resources” and more. Meeting Thursday

It is a war between the unions and the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi. Since yesterday four acronyms (Flc Cgil; Uil; Snals and Gilda) have proclaimed it state of agitation and a strike threatened. The honeymoon with the Ferrara professor much invoked by the trade unions after the period of conflict with the former minister Lucia Azzolina, is over for some time but now in view of the meeting on Thursday called by the tenant of Viale Trastevere, we are at loggerheads. None of the secretaries, not even Maddalena Gissi of the CISL School, who slipped away from the others regarding the eventual mobilization, is satisfied with the contents of the Budget Bill.

Sinopoli does not send them to say: “The resources in fact, they are not alone in maneuvering for a true enhancement of the teaching staff insufficient, but even burdened by ideological mortgages and detrimental to the free bargaining between the negotiating parties, since the four pennies that are “granted” must be paid exclusively to those personnel who show “dedication” to work. A pathetic definition that recalls Renzi’s unsuccessful season, an insult to those who work every day and have shown in the pandemic how central work at school is for the country ”.

Heavy words that were not appreciated by the leaders of the ministry which still has to deal with Gissi’s statements: “A text that does not give effective answers to the problems, highlighted several times, of the education and training system, nor does it allow for the initiation of significant policies to enhance the professional skills that work there, in total inconsistency with the announcements and commitments signed in the Pact of 24 August for schools in the center of the country. And while the resources for the contract renewal remain completely insufficient, a logic of zero-cost interventions is proposed for the school that does not solve the existing criticalities, even risking to aggravate them “.

A rejection from all fronts. The points that the union is questioning are many. The CISL will put on the minister’s table, in primis, these four issues: system measures, excluding self-financed compensation method, for the containment and reduction of the number of pupils per class; the confirmation of the Covid workforce until June, also for Ata staff and not just for teachers; the definitive solution to the age-old question of Single national fund for school management and the revision of the provisions regarding the use of teachers for physical education in primary school, excluding any form of compensation in the number of staff.

From the CGIL front there will be a battle over wages: “For some time – explains Sinopoli – we have now raised the question of the equalization of teachers’ salaries to those of European colleagues and to those of the same rank in other public sectors “. Other problems were posed by Giuseppe Turi (Uil), Elvira Serafini (Snals) and Rino Di Meglio (Gilda) together with the Flc in the letter sent to Bianchi to announce a possible strike: resources for the renewal of the contract, those to be included in the law of Financial Statements and regulatory interventions for personnel for the elimination of bureaucratic constraints and bottlenecks, are the nodes to be cliffs.

Meanwhile, the meeting on Thursday, first announced for tomorrow, will be at high tension; it is not certain that the four secretaries who signed the letter proclaiming the state of agitation and the “temporary” suspension of trade union relations with the ministry will sit at the table with the minister. A clash that could lead to the first unitary strike of the school in the era of Mario Draghi.

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