Accident on the A8, goes down to put the triangle: run over and killed

Run over and killed while out of his car and trying to put the triangle on. Fatal accident on the A8, towards Milan, at the Mind Area, around 7:30 pm on Tuesday 16 November. An 85-year-old man dies.

118 rushed to the scene, with three ambulances and self-medications, and traffic police. In addition to the 85-year-old, four other people – a 70-year-old, a 78-year-old, an 11-year-old and a 30-year-old – were rescued for minor injuries and then transported, in green code, to the Sacco hospitals (the first two), Niguarda and Fatebenefratelli in Milan respectively. .

According to what was reconstructed by the regional emergency urgency agency, following a rear-end collision between several cars, the victim had got out of his vehicle to put on the triangle, when another car hit him. Unfortunately, the rescuers were unable to do anything other than ascertain his death.


Accident put triangle run killed

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