Under 21, Italy-Romania 4-2. Canestrelli makes a hat-trick

Under 21, Italy-Romania 4-2. Canestrelli makes a hat-trick
Under 21, Italy-Romania 4-2. Canestrelli makes a hat-trick

In the friendly match the azzurrini go down 0-2 after Scalvini’s own goal and Racovitan’s goal. Mulattieri shortens and then rises to the chair the defender of Crotone, who with 3 goals knocks out the Romanians

The only friendly match of the two-year period was an opportunity to see the “extended” group at work. Exam passed. Stra-outdated. Romania is beaten 4-2, with a good comeback and a super Canestrelli, who scores three goals and gives the Azzurri a victory that gives morale and confidence.

The news

As expected, it is a new Italy that faces Romania, already qualified for the European 2023 as host country with Georgia. Compared to the qualifying match won in Dublin, there are ten new features – only confirmed Samuele Ricci, who directs operations in midfield -, with seven players at the first starting point, three of which are absolute rookies. That is, almost the entire defensive line (Canestrelli, Scalvini and the “Dutch” Quagliata), completed by Ferrarini on the right. However, the system remains intact, 4-3-3 with Cancellieri pure wing on the right, Piccoli center forward, Mulattieri who starts on the left but often supports Piccoli to open the corridor to the Quagliata descents. In fact, the left-handed wing is the most beaten one, for an Italy that for almost half an hour does not show the ball to Romania. As unfortunately happens lately to the blue shirts, the domination does not translate into goals: chances for Ranocchia (insertion of the head in the 19 ‘, wide), Piccoli (overturned at 23’, central) and above all Ricci (powerful right raised in the corner by Popa at 26 ‘). Then, suddenly we are under, without Romania shooting on goal: Corbu runs to the right and crosses low, Canestrelli deflects into Turati’s blue goal. Another opportunity for growth for the Under 21 team, never below in the score so far. Italy reacts – with Mulattieri, Canestrelli from afar and Piccoli – but the disadvantage even becomes two goals in the 41st minute: Ticu’s corner and Racovitan’s header in the center of the area. Italy is not there and you can see in the immediate goal by Mulattieri, the first in blue: the Crotone striker takes the ball away to Tirlea on the bottom line, aims the goal and kicks, also finding Dican’s deviation.

The comeback

It is the call to the sensational reversal of the second half, which begins with five changes and two other rookies, the Russian goalkeeper and full-back Parisi, plus the “owners” Cambiaso, Vignato and Salvatore Esposito, who takes over the midfield operations. And it becomes a blue monologue: intensity, mastery, goals. Cancellieri immediately tries from the outside and Popa gets up for a corner. But it is left that Italy breaks through, with the slopes of Parisi that Vignato always serves on the race. Angles arrive in quantity – there will be 15, and they will be needed – from there Canestrelli builds his hat-trick. He scores the 2-2 on a lunge by Cambiaso on the right at 16 ‘, then two identical goals at 23’ and 26 ‘: Salvatore Esposito’s corner, Colombo reaches out with his head, Canestrelli checks the far post. The Crotone defender reacts rather well to the initial own goal… But it is the whole Under 21 that amazes, like the 17-year-old Scalvini, from whom Canestrelli steals the show but what a personality the boy is. Cortinovis and Pellegri also made their debut, and even the AC Milan player, like Piccoli and Mulattieri moved to the center at the beginning of the second half, struggled to find shooting spaces. Hard job, the blue center forward.

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