Whirlpool, workers return to Mise: “Invitalia joins the Consortium”

Whirlpool, workers return to Mise: “Invitalia joins the Consortium”
Whirlpool, workers return to Mise: “Invitalia joins the Consortium”

After the commitment previously guaranteed by the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, then by the holder of the foreign department, Luigi Di Maio and later by the prefect of Naples, Claudio Palomba, the workers of the Whirlpool they will return to Mise: table convened for this Friday at 12.

Following the disclosure, which arrived at the unions already in the night, by the coordinator of the structure on business crises, Luca Annibaletti, this morning it became official. At the table, the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of Economic Development on the very long dispute over the Via Argine plant, will discuss the constitution of the Consortium, proposed by the executive in recent months, for the birth of a sustainable mobility hub that could ferry around 320 workers Neapolitans who in recent days have received the letters of dismissal.

«We have been called up for Friday – he explains Gianluca Ficco, Uilm national secretary and responsible for the household appliances sector – ma we have no guarantees on the presence (at the table ed.) of the ministers concerned “. “Unfortunately – clarifies Ficco – we arrive at the meeting with all the weight of the ministers’ broken promises and with the still unfulfilled request to know the name of the consortium’s investors and with the need to speed up the times as much as possible. Because, as is well known, Whirlpool has done what it has been threatening for some time and therefore started with the dismissal letters ».

While as regards the presence, in the consortium, of the National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development, the social partners tend to clarify that the same is committed to becoming “Founding part” of the site’s reindustrialisation plan.

«We would like – specifies the national secretary of the UILM – that Invitalia, clearly, undertakes to enter as a founding part of the consortium, to have at least one element of certainty on which the same can be built».

At the moment, in fact, «they didn’t even introduce us to one company. The fact that new companies are referred to us has no value until they are officially revealed »thunders Ficco.

Meanwhile, the unions are asking for representatives of the US multinational to attend the ministerial summit. “We asked, we’ll see if the ministry will be able to bring them.”

The workers, on the other hand, accept the “call to arms” this Friday, clarifying immediately that they will all be in Rome, outside the ministry, to demonstrate in conjunction with the Mise table which is approaching the date of November 30: the last valid day where the workers will be able to choose the proposals offered by the company (85 thousand euros or the transfer to the Cassinetta site, in the province of Varese).

«For us – he says Vincenzo Accurso, Site Rsu and Uilm trade unionist – it is a will of the company to create a sort of agreement between the parties to prevent anyone from challenging the dismissal letter“. «The 85 thousand euros – continues the metalworker – are gross and not enough. It’s just a good exit to get us muted. For those who go to Varese, however, it is not a transfer because we have now been fired. We should be summarized as follows and start from scratch, without article 18 and the years accrued, it is only an agreement made between the parties so as not to have us challenge the exemptions ». «It was an agreement – recalls Accurso – of Italy plan of 2018 where we were also there to rejuvenate the staff and the whole group was given the opportunity to move there, it was for all the workers of the Whirlpool group in Italy, it is not just about Naples. It should be a free choice but for us it has become mandatory in order not to lose our jobs, yet another slap in the face of the government as if the company were saying to them “you have done nothing to avoid being fired and I will summarize them all over again because I need to be hired in the north” ».

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