Heavy snow, Italy in pole position in winter weather

The first, heavy snowfalls are affecting the western Alpine sectors but it is precipitation that involves the medium-high altitudes. The cold, at the moment, is far from our regions, let’s say that we are experiencing fully autumnal climatic weather conditions but the most evident excesses concern rainfall.

Do you know what one of the most interesting elements of the last few weeks is? The Polar Vortex. Yes, we have already talked about it but it is good to continue to monitor it because never as this year is it showing surprising anxiety. We have been used for years to having to face a “strong” Polar Vortex, so strong that it can negatively affect a large part of the winter season.

For two years now, however, the ailments have multiplied. Tropospheric heaters, those capable of driving hot air inside the Stratospheric Polar Vortex, have become a constant of the winter season. Then yes, it is true that we have not had who knows what repercussions on our regions, but it is one thing to have disturbances during construction, another thing is to have disturbances from the earliest stages of development of the Polar Vortex.

In the last 2 weeks, just to give you an idea, tropospheric heating has been important and one would say rather early. The disturbances are reverberating up there, where the polar cyclonic regime is in force. Disorders that, towards the end of the month, could lead to the first deep meridian undulations. So watch out for Arctic surprises, watch out for heavy snow at interesting altitudes if not even at very low altitudes.

There are other elements to take

and into consideration. One of the most important is certainly represented by the oceanic thermal anomalies, which never seem to be oriented in the right direction as this year. Anomalies that could trigger, for example, repeated northward thrusts of the Azores High Pressure.

In this sense, we keep an eye on the events of next week, because there will be a first assault on the great North. This explains the reason for certain modeling projections, oriented as mentioned to a sprint start of the winter season.

The most interesting months could be December and January, two months during which cold outbreaks could be many with just as many opportunities for snowfalls at very low altitude.. Even in areas of Italy not really used to certain climatic weather conditions.

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