Quirinale, Micciché: “Berlusconi al Colle with the votes of Iv, Renzi told me.” The former premier denies. But the Ars president confirms

After the birth of the council group Forza Italia-Sicilia Futura-Italia Viva to the Sicilian Regional Assembly, the axis between forcers and Renzians also for the Colle – confirmed Monday from Marcello Dell’Utri – is made official by Gianfranco Miccichè. The Forza Italia parliamentarian and president of Ars was the protagonist of the October dinner with Matteo Renzi at the Pinchiorri wine shop during which the pact for next year’s municipal councils was made. But not only. Now the blue plenipotentiary in Sicily is letting people know via Republic that the senator of Rignano told him “that if Berlusconi (for the Quirinale, ed) should be missing only those, the votes of Italy Viva would be guaranteed “.

“Miccichè says that he knows that Italia Viva votes… He runs away from me laugh. Good names are the ones that run out in the end. With Mattarella no one said it. I’ve never had a dry name. I think we need a path and it is also needed today ”, Renzi a The Air that Pulls on La7 underlining that “who speaks first is who does not count for anything”. But the Ars president in turn countered: “Of course I confirm that Renzi would have said yes to mine request to vote for Silvio Berlusconi president of the Republic. On the other hand, anyone encounter by making the same request, he is saying yes ”.

Renzi, despite everything that is emerging from the papers of the investigation Open and rumors about possible defections of a dozen senators, still cultivates the ambition of influencing the choice of the next tenant of the Quirinale. Miccichè, we read in the Roman daily, “refers to the same operation of which another well-known force pioneer, Marcello Dell’Utri who he started going to Berlusconi’s house again after the Mafia conviction and more than five years of detention “. Dell’Utri yesterday confirmed that he was in Arcore last Monday at the meeting between managers and regional coordinators. Renzi wasn’t there, he said. But to the former Knight, he refers to Republic one of those present, the former president of Publitalia, definitively convicted for external competition in the mafia association reported: “Don’t worry, I spoke to Renzi: over there the secretary votes for you too“. And again: Renzi “told me to trust him that he dropped Conte and I trust him“.

Another piece: according to Miccichè “Dell’Utri and Renzi they would have met in Rome, a few days before the Arcore summit “, a circumstance denied by Dell’Utri who, however, confirmed on Monday that he had at least spoken on the phone with the former secretary of the Pd. Dell’Utri himself would have talked to the Sicilian forer about the meeting: “I don’t know if it was a chance encounter, but there was.” “Random or not”, the face-to-face interview “would have lasted an hour”. Meanwhile, Berlusconi does not speak of his presidential ambitions, he continues to reiterate that Mario Draghi he must not move to the Colle because he is needed in Palazzo Chigi “until 2023 and even after”.

Italia viva once again denies “indiscretions on alleged support of Italia Viva for this or that candidacy for the Quirinale” claiming that “whoever evokes the name of Renzi does so for a matter of their own visibility”. What is certain is that the IV leader would benefit from the support of the center-right in view of the junta’s decision for the immunity on your request regarding the use of wiretapping of the Open investigation.


Quirinale Micciché Berlusconi Colle votes Renzi told premier denies Ars president confirms

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