Coronavirus Italy: today another 7,698 cases and 74 victims, positivity rate of 1.12%

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Today, Tuesday 16 November, there were 7,698 new positives at coronavirus (+2.554, yesterday they were 5.144) detected by the daily bulletin released by the Ministry of Health and from the Civil Protection. The total of those currently infected thus reaches 123,396 (yesterday 120,875 units).
The “positive rate”, ie the ratio between the total number of swabs performed and those that are positive, stood at 1.12% (yesterday it was 2.1%). The data was processed based on the results of 684,710 swabs (yesterday only 248,825 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours against 445,593 on Sunday 14 November, both rapid antigenic tests and molecular swabs are considered in the count). There have been 74 deaths in the last 24 hours (30 more victims than the 44 counted yesterday), for a total of 132,893 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.
Of the more than 123,396 Italians currently positive, 3,970 are hospitalized with symptoms in ordinary hospital wards (+162, yesterday they were 3,808) and 481 in intensive care units (+6, yesterday they were 475). The subjects kept under medical observation in home isolation are 118,945 (+2,353, yesterday they were 116,592). The total number of discharged and healed reached 4,616,786.


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day


New infection boom in Veneto (+1.278) and 5 victims

New boom of infections in Veneto, where 1,278 new cases were registered in 24 hours, with the total reaching 493,291. The regional bulletin also reports 5 victims, with the total at 11,881. All the indicators are growing: 16,945 (+564) are the current positives, while in hospitals there are 325 admissions in non-critical areas (+8) and 65 (+1) in intensive care.

In Lazio 12,667 positive cases, 74 in intensive care

There are 12,667 people currently positive in the Lazio, of which 605 hospitalized, 74 in intensive care, and 11,988 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 385,096 healed and 8,897 died out of a total of 406,660 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region.

In Sardinia 109 new cases, no deaths

There are 109 new cases of positivity in Sardinia, on the basis of 2,475 people tested and 17,413 processed swabs between molecular and antigenic (with a realignment of the data, the Regional Crisis Unit reports). There are no deaths. There are 9 (+1) patients in intensive care, while 44 remain hospitalized in the medical area. There are 1,856 people in home isolation, 53 more than yesterday.

In Puglia 161 new cases and 3 deaths

In Puglia 161 new cases were recorded out of 21,059 tests (0.76%) and 3 deaths. The new cases are distributed as follows: 41 in the province of Bari, 9 in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, 18 in the Brindisi area, 5 in the Foggiano area, 16 in the Lecce area, 44 in the province of Taranto. Three other cases concern residents outside the region, while for another 25 the province they belong to is being defined. Of the 3,687 people currently positive in Puglia, 166 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 21 in intensive care.

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