Di Marzio: “Italy went soft on the pitch against a team of bricklayers”

Gianni Di Marzio, in Maracana, a broadcast of TMW Radio had his say on the moment of the National team.

What Italy have you seen?
“She entered the field soft, too scholastic, with unproductive crosspieces. It was a team of bricklayers that she faced, who started waiting at the edge of the area, for them defending themselves was a pride. I evaluate the performance, there is. they were players who were the shadow of themselves. I saw a light team, without attributes. It was a game that should have exalted you, also considering what has happened in the past. We have to go to the World Cup but we risk not going there “.

Is real estate really a problem?
“I disagree. He scores an avalanche of goals in the league, for me he is a counter-attacker, with a European mentality, who must play. At the moment in Italy who is a striker who can play in the national team? I don’t see any.”

Who has the most thoughts today between Sarri and Allegri?
“Allegri, even if he found Morata with a great goal in qualifying”.


Marzio Italy soft pitch team bricklayers

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