No green passes arrested in Milan will be required to sign

Duty of signature and validated arrest. This is what has been established for the two no green passes arrested after the demonstration on Saturday 13 November. A 25-year-old from Milan and a 38-year-old from Piacenza are in trouble, tried in the morning of Monday 15 November after the – illegal – protest against the green pass on Saturday.

At the end of the trial, the judge decided to validate the arrest of the two demonstrators and to order the signature obligation. Both are accused of aggravated resistance to a public official. According to the accusation, the 25-year-old threw himself at a Digos official causing him to dislocate a finger on his hand; while the 38-year-old allegedly tried to force the cordon of agents in Piazza Beccaria.

After the illegal demonstration on Saturday about ninety people had been identified, two reported and three arrested. The no green passes, despite the clear prohibitions, after leaving Bob Kennedy’s meeting at the Arco della Pace, had poured into the city center, mixing with the tourists. Meanwhile, a few hundred demonstrators in Piazza Fontana had been encircled by the contingents of the police until their progressive outflow.


green passes arrested Milan required sign

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