Mauro Rostagno Festival, the first edition in Rome. On stage Panenostro and the “demythologization of the ‘Ndrangheta”

Mauro Rostagno Festival, the first edition in Rome. On stage Panenostro and the “demythologization of the ‘Ndrangheta”
Mauro Rostagno Festival, the first edition in Rome. On stage Panenostro and the “demythologization of the ‘Ndrangheta”

The baker Giuseppe,”prestìn terùn“, Is the protagonist of”Panenostro“, A show by the Ragli Company which will be staged in Roma for the first edition of Mauro Rostagno Festival Dirittinscena, Tuesday 16 November at 9 pm at the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo. The festival conceived by the daughter of the Turin activist and journalist killed by the mafia in Lenzi di Valderice, in Sicily, in 1988 and organized by Association from South and from the Ministry of Culture, was born with the aim of inspiring a change with stories of social redemption, against the mafias and discrimination brought to the theaters of the outskirts of Rome. This is precisely the meaning of Panenostro, a “research work on the demythologization of the ‘Ndrangheta“, Writes the company in a statement.

Giuseppe makes bread and the last link of a generation of Calabrian bakers who have chosen to live in the north. His bakery is the neighborhood hangout and he “lives without falsehood”, a humble man, who passively pays the protection money. “Dad paid and grandfather paid too,” says the protagonist of the story who turns into a noir: “The subjection of the constant payment of money extorted through intimidation makes it impossible to lead a normal life, even if conducted in the simplicity of an anonymous and reserved context. When the contamination attacks the feelings, the reaction occurs dictated by the impulse and the consequence is lethal, ”the company writes. The show, directed by Rosario Mastrota, with the interpretation of Andrea Cappadona, focuses attention on a “simple” character who loses and who once again tells how there are no heroes to celebrate, neither good nor bad. On the surface, it seems that they have all lost, but in reality the hope of change and love, the unstoppable engine of every human act, are revealed as winners.

The director will also be present at the festival Paolo Virzì, who will remember the life of Mauro Rostagno, one of the founders of the student movement “Lotta Continua” in 1968 and then a journalist against the mafia. The jury of the award will be led by the actress Vanessa Scalera, while the directors and actors Davide Iodice e Armando Punzo they will discuss writings and theatrical practices in comparison with “The theater at the time of rudeness.” In addition to “Panenostro” by Compagnia Ragli, the festival will also feature “Piece by piece” by Carmen Giordano, “Handmade King Pipuzzu” by Scena Verticale, “Sarajevo, mon amour” by Farmacia Zoo, “Togliatti mon amour” by Fortezza Est, “Pezzi sui generi (s)” by Paolo Camilli and “Medea per strada” by Teatro dei Borgia.


Mauro Rostagno Festival edition Rome stage Panenostro demythologization Ndrangheta

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