Torre Maura, serious hygienic and sanitary deficiencies in the artisan laboratory: fine of 51,000 euros

The agents of the State Police, together with the inspectors of the SIAN of the ASL Roma 2 and those of the National Labor Inspectorate, have closed an artisanal workshop in Torre Maura.

During the investigations, the agents reconstructed the presence of 4 undeclared workers and serious violations in the field of health and safety at work that cost the owner, a complaint in a state of freedom and the challenge of criminal and pecuniary sanctions of an administrative nature , for the total amount of 47,916 euros.

Due to serious hygienic-sanitary deficiencies, the order of immediate temporary suspension of the activity was also notified with the accessory sanction of the compulsory closure for 5 days, due to administrative disputes (of 2,000 euros) high against 5 workers without the prescribed personal protective equipment: of these employees 2 were accompanied to the Interregional Cabinet of the Scientific Police to be subjected to fingerprinting as they did not have identification documents.

Subsequently, then, at the control of the annexed pastry bar, administrative penalties of 1,500 euros were raised for violations in health and hygiene matters, while the only employee present, without identity documents, was also accompanied to the GIPS


Torre Maura hygienic sanitary deficiencies artisan laboratory fine euros

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