No Vax chatting on Telegram, searches also in Brescia

No Vax chatting on Telegram, searches also in Brescia
No Vax chatting on Telegram, searches also in Brescia

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They have been running since the early hours of the morning also in Brescia searches to the damage of subjects who have come to light within the galaxy No Vax, No Green Pass. Throughout Italy, the Postal Police and Digos are investigating the positions of 17 people. Some members of the investigators ended up in the Enough dictatorship channel in Telegram, placed under seizure in recent weeks. Two people from Brescia are involved: knives and a crossbow were searched.

The responsibilities of the suspects will be investigated by the competent judicial authority which has identified crimes against them such as incitement to commit a crime with the aggravating circumstance of the use of telematic tools and instigation to disobey the laws. They systematically instigated the use of weapons and to carry out serious illegal acts against the highest institutional offices, including the Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

«They are hunting us. Let’s be careful. The truth hurts this government. ” This is one of the comments that appeared on some Telegram No Vax and No Green Pass chats after the news of the searches carried out by the chat activists Enough dictatorship. There are also those who propose new protests. «We could organize groups of hundreds of people – we read – and enter a shopping center without masks. We turn to the police: you are defending a government that is not fair, that is doing wrong. The people are rebelling not because they are bad. Ours is a way of saying no to injustices ».

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Vax chatting Telegram searches Brescia

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