WEATHER until weekend. Italy at the mercy of a CYCLONE, then important news


An insidious low pressure of Mediterranean origin, renewed by the entry of colder north-Atlantic air, is destined to enliven the weather in the first part of the new week. The weekend just ended certainly did not go differently, with violent rains even alluvial in Sardinia. The weather conditions are destined to remain compromised in many regions

Then, after midweek, there is the possibility of the intrusion of a cold air descent which, after involving Central-Northern Europe, will lean against the Alpine Arc. However, Italy should remain safe and is affected by the comeback of an anticyclonic field, which will become more robust towards the end of the week.

Mediterranean vortex will last until mid-week


We will have compromised weather due to the reinvigorated Mediterranean depression, always blocked just west of Italy due to the presence of a strong anticyclone on Central-Eastern Europe. Italy will have to deal with particularly unstable weather on Tuesday, with the rise of a disturbed impulse from Puglia towards the Adriatic regions and then partly towards Emilia Romagna and Triveneto.

Sparse rains are expected, locally abundant first on Puglia and then on the middle Adriatic side. Bad weather conditions will also affect the Major Islands, especially the southern and eastern sectors. An improvement will take place in the North-West, with the cessation of phenomena also in the Piedmontese Alps. Highly variable scenarios will prevail over the rest of Italy


The dynamism will continue to characterize the weather scenario over Italy also in the central part of the new week. The instability will penalize more the Center-South and locally the North-East, where there will be irregular clouds associated with scattered showers. However, the phenomena will become less significant.

The extensive high-pressure field will continue to act as a block on Central-Eastern Europe, preventing the normal evolution of the Mediterranean cyclone towards the east which will see its fulcrum between the Major Islands and the North African coasts. Northern Italy will enjoy more areas of calm, more protected from the thrust of the anticyclone present on Central Europe.


A weak cold eruption will march towards Central-Eastern Europe between Thursday and Friday, without affecting Italy. The attenuation and eastward shift of the Mediterranean vortex will determine the expansion of the anticyclone, which seems to have the intention of conquering much of Italy in the last days of the week

This anticyclonic dominance will not last long, as by the beginning of next week the high pressure field will tend to retreat further west, giving way to the expansion of a Scandinavian cold depression that will set in motion cold currents of Arctic extraction. This colder flow will also tend to lean against the Alpine Arc.


Further ahead, more important winter maneuvers at European level could materialize, with much more organized cold air descents, capable of pointing towards the Mediterranean during the third monthly decade. Winter will try and who knows if the favorable conditions for the first low-altitude snowfalls in the last part of November are not achieved.

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