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the maxi liquidation (of half a million) hinders the turnover

the maxi liquidation (of half a million) hinders the turnover
the maxi liquidation (of half a million) hinders the turnover

Can a public company with one billion in debt, under arrangement with creditors, afford to pay a half-million-euro severance pay to resign an executive? Answer: no. He knows Gualtieri, which last Friday asked the general manager of Attack, Franco Giampaoletti, appointed by the Rays in January, to step aside. “We want to start a new season,” the mayor’s message to the diggì. That will not make the barricades, but for now remains on the command deck of this colossus of 11 thousand employees, weighed down by a record absenteeism rate and by the enormous losses accumulated in years of bad management. Replacement is a question of money, as usual: Giampaoletti is a manager, he is not subject to the spoils system. To be fired, there should be a just cause, which at the moment does not exist, the Pd himself recognizes it.

Rome-Lido halved, stationmaster home sick. There are no convoys, from today we only travel between Eur-Magliana and Lido Centro

He is a seasoned manager, born in 1961, twenty years of experience in the Human Resources sector, former DG of the Municipality of Genoa, then Director of Internal Operations at Unicoop Tirreno and finally city manager of the Rare Capitol. Until January 19, when M5S put him behind the wheel of the Atac. 3-year contract, salary of 200 thousand euros a year plus 35 thousand euros of MBO, the bonus linked to results. He still has 26 months of contract, that is to say 509 thousand euros if the bonus is also included in the calculation, 433 thousand if one sticks only to the base salary. A lot of money, which Atac cannot afford to reclaim to put it at the door, also because it would then have to explain the move to the commissioners of the court (and most likely also to the Court of Auditors). What to do then? It deals with. If it came to a tug-of-war, Giampaoletti could have all the proxies withdrawn, which would be assigned to a new operational director, who would in fact carry out the duties of the general manager. Otherwise he could stay a year, but with a position at the top of the Personnel, where however the 5 Stars had just appointed, in July, an external, Andrea Schillaci (salary of 110 thousand euros a year).

The negotiation is difficult, but Gualtieri is in a hurry. He immediately wants the change at the top, to entrust the command of the subsidiary to a super transport expert. There are three names circulating: Arrigo Giana, now at the Milan ATM, who knows well the Councilor for Mobility of Rome, Eugenio Patané, after his experience in Cotral (Patané was in the Region at the time). Or Tullio Tulli, director of Anav or Alberto Zorzan, Operations director also at ATM. For the appointment of the general manager, in any case, there will be a public call. The other manager chosen by Raggi, Giovanni Mottura, an expert accountant, useful for managing the difficult arrangement plan, should remain in Atac. Today he is sole director, and will probably remain as president of a new board of directors, to be joined by pro-Pd managers. Another subsidiary, another change in sight: Jacopo Marzetti, commissioner of Farmacap, who manages the 45 municipal pharmacies, is leaving, one step away from the crash. For the revocation, leaked from Palazzo Senatorio, it is a matter of days.


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