that’s why in the end the head of state will do it Mario Draghi – Libero Quotidiano

that’s why in the end the head of state will do it Mario Draghi – Libero Quotidiano
that’s why in the end the head of state will do it Mario Draghi – Libero Quotidiano

Vittorio Feltri

November 14, 2021

In 2014 I published a book with Stefano Lorenzetto entitled: Buoni e cattivi. One chapter was devoted to Mario Draghi, in which I briefly described his magnificent curriculum. At the end of the piece, I predicted a bright future for the banker, and added that his enviable career would end. in the guise of head of state. I am not a seer, for heaven’s sake, but I have seen many in my long life and this allows me to imagine various things in advance. So today I insist. Draghi can only go to the Quirinale, because he is the only man with the ability and authority that the country has. All the names that in recent days have been brought up in the ranks of candidacies for the Colle, with due respect, are not up to par for various reasons that are not even worth listing.

To begin with, Supermario has shown, despite the difficulties he has had to overcome, that he knows how to command. Being prime minister in Italy is not easy. The parties, and consequently the majority, are quarrelsome, devoid of ideals and of course also ideas, people despise them and when it comes to electing a mayor and a municipal council, they prefer to avoid going to the polls. I don’t say it, but results from the very low turnout at the seats. Mattarella has brilliantly exhausted his experience as President of the Republic and I don’t think he wants to repeat his mandate. In the end, the Parliament, not being able to choose some candidate name, will focus on Draghi, who provides excellent guarantees of resistance. Will be indicated for lack of decent alternatives. Which Draghi, after having settled in the Quirinale, will have to appoint someone to replace him at Palazzo Chigi.

Naturally he will select a person of his trust who guarantees continuity to the current government. That is, a man or a woman with whom to talk apertis verbis, in order to continue with the current legislature until the natural expiry, something that is close to the heart of any parliamentarian, afraid to go home renouncing the indemnity of office and pension. To go flat, the executive can easily drive from the Quirinale too. So Draghi will continue to beat the nougat because he is the only one in Rome who is able to do it with skill. Of course mine is a hypothesis, better one forecast, which will occur not because I have divination skills, but because it is the only sensible one.

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