Tragedy on 613, car with family overturns: one dead and three seriously injured

LECCE – One dead and three wounded, all transported with a red code to the hospital. Another dramatic accident on the roads of Salento, just over 24 hours after the last tragic fatal accident, which occurred yesterday on the 274.

The drama took place on the 613 Brindisi-Lecce state road, in the direction of the Salento capital, at the height of the Metro. According to an initial reconstruction of the facts, the accident involved four cars: a Ford Fiesta, a Renault Clio, a Mercedes Ml and a Peugeot 3006. A whole family – a couple with two children – was aboard the latter. – which would overturn after a collision with another vehicle, turning the cockpit into a death trap.

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The driver, the head of the family, a 50-year-old man, for whom there was unfortunately nothing to do, was the worst. His wife and their two children, who were rescued by the firefighters and 118 ambulances and urgently transported to Fazzi in Lecce, are also serious.

Updates in the next few hours.

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Tragedy car family overturns dead injured

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