nft. art and the metaverse with the artist andrea speziale Events in Milan

The conference on NFT and cryptocurrencies will be held on Friday 19 November 2021 in the fascinating setting of Palazzo Castiglioni in Milan at 12:00 to inform the public about the state of the Italian art in the digital age.

The cultural meeting organized by the Italia Liberty association with the aim of explaining and promoting NFT Non-Fungible Tokens for the first time in Italy with a scientific conference is entitled “NFT. The state of cryptoart one step away from the Metaverse” informative. Then follows a debate open to the public with the protagonist Andrea Speziale.

This Milanese is the beginning of a series of meetings on the NFT or “cryptoart” theme that will take place in various Italian locations: Vicenza, Cervia, Riccione, Rome, Naples and Catania, thanks to the success achieved last July in Bari with a conference zero which aroused interest even from the most skeptical.

The author Andrea Speziale (professor of graphics and multimedia, Art Nouveau expert, artist and art critic at the same time) will hold the conference on the theme of NFT presented and interviewed by manager Karim Echaki, a young Milanese expert in the Blockchange sector together to Lorenzo Falegnami at the head of the technological construction of the largest NFT in the world. That is a mosaic of 500,000 images created by the artist photographer Speziale which aims to obtain the official Guinness World Records. Although the token is already a record in terms of size, there is no economic data to surpass Beeple with “Everydays” sold for 69 million dollars.

Friday 19th November 2021
11:30 am welcome
11:45 am “Best LibertyCity” award ceremony
12:00 start of the conference.
Interventions by:
Andrea Speziale
Karim Echafi
Lorenzo Falegnami
13:40 debate with the public
2.00 pm closing of the works

The event is free to enter. Confirmation of participation is required by e-mail to [email protected] or 3200445798 for quota places.

Non-profit event, the image on the cover is from the repertoire


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nft art metaverse artist andrea speziale Events Milan

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