Torrential rains in Valpolcevera and Val Bisagno, flooding and landslides: “Roads like rivers”

Torrential rains in Valpolcevera and Val Bisagno, flooding and landslides: “Roads like rivers”
Torrential rains in Valpolcevera and Val Bisagno, flooding and landslides: “Roads like rivers”

Genoa. The alert has not yet gone off, technically, but the torrential rains that poured into Genoa around lunchtime have already caused numerous damage. All this occurred in a short time, between late morning and early afternoon. Flooding, blown manholes, landslides, collapsed walls especially between Valpolcevera and Val Bisagno.

A Sant’Eusebio a wall it gave way on the road, partially blocking traffic with mounds of earth and vegetation. It is about a wall in via Val Trebbia, a private structure that for a year had already been observed special for some failures. Fortunately, no one passed by the road at the moment of the collapse.

Still in Val Bisagno, flooding caused by rii in via Lodi. “The water took away the parked mopeds, here there was a river in flood, every time it rains the same story” the residents told. Shops, basements, cars: all invaded by water and mud, which have reached a height of half a meter, with certainly a lot of damage. Many have rolled up their sleeves to start cleaning up the neighborhood and clearing the streets. Flooding also in via Di Pino. The flooding of the Trensasco river has been registered.

And then there is a critical situation on the expressways, via Adamoli and in lakefront Dalmatia, between the Sciorbia and Ligorna areas. The cars pass by raising walls of water. In via Solimano the street was invaded by a river of stones.

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Bad weather in Genoa, flooding and landslides especially in the valleys

In Valpolcevera blown drains and flooding both in Teglia and in Certosa. In Teglia, a river of water and mud between via Carnia and the school area, a problem that has been repeated for some time now with every weather alert. Flooding too between via Rivarolo and piazza Pallavicini.

In Certosa, as always, flooded and not viable the underpass in the Brin area. Operations with vacuum trucks are underway. TO Sampierdarena, flooded via Reti and part of piazza Montano. Muddy water in the street also in the upper part of Oregina.

Flooding problems have also been reported in the historic center, in the area of Carmine, with the alleys invaded by the water coming down from the districts above, this is also a frequent problem.

Burst of interventions by firefighters, Aster teams and local police but the situation is constantly evolving. Some streets, for example, two hours after the event completely similar to a flood event, albeit limited, they have not yet been closed although they are in fact impassable. “There were no injuries or the need to evacuate people” explained Sergio Gambino, the managing director of the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Genoa.

Due to heavy rains there were also inconveniences and slowdowns on the A12 motorway, with flooding between Nervi and Sant’Ilario.

(external photo credits: Michele Versace, Federico Romeo, The Ignorant Meteorologist Facebook page, Limet)

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