“He didn’t ask for help.” What he recorded – Libero Quotidiano

“He didn’t ask for help.” What he recorded – Libero Quotidiano
“He didn’t ask for help.” What he recorded – Libero Quotidiano

It was opened there black box dell’private plane that last October 3 it is crashed in Milan after a few minutes from the airport of Linate. Inside, data were found that will be encoded to try to shed light on the tragic accident in which eight people died, including the Romanian pilot and tycoon. Dan Petrescu. From the technical data collected extrapolated with special software and on which a delicate analysis work will begin, it will be possible to understand why the aircraft crashed when it was about 4 thousand feet high. In fact, the pilot did not issue any specific alarms to the Linate radar room, which he had asked for the route to return to the airport. The data contained in the flight recorder were taken over in recent weeks by the technological laboratories in Rome of the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV), owner of the technical safety investigation, which proceeds in parallel to that of the adjunct of Milan Tiziana Siciliano and prosecutors Mauro Clerici and Paolo Filippini. The procedure carried out yesterday 12 November in the presence of the parties, was carried out with the formula ofunrepeatable assessment.

The prosecutor of Milan, in parallel with the ANVS safety investigation (which has the sole purpose of preventing future accidents), is conducting the criminal investigation, aimed at ascertaining any responsibility. The operations were attended by an Aias investigator (Investigative Authority of Romania, representing the state of registration of the aircraft), the technical consultant of the public prosecutor’s office and the other subjects legally entitled to participate in the activity in question.

“The activities were carried out successfully and it was possible to rand retrieving the data contained in the memory. In the near future, as part of the respective investigations and in compliance with the different purposes of the same, we will proceed to the analysis of the extracted data “, explains the National Agency for Flight Safety in a note.

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