Highway Code, the news / Always stop at pedestrian crossings. And without nailing

Strengthened the obligations of prudence for those who drive (Article 191, paragraph 1, of the Highway Code): when there are pedestrian crossings but no traffic lights or agents that regulate traffic, if someone crosses or is about to do so, you must stop. And you need to do it without braking sharply, but slowing down gradually. Previously, when pedestrians were about to cross, it was mandatory to stop only “when necessary”.

Translating all this into concrete behavior, it is now required to go very slowly and there is no longer any discretion in choosing whether to stop or simply slow down.

Furthermore, the pedestrian has the right of way not only if he crosses on the strips, but also if he is “in their immediate proximity”.

Sanctions unchanged.

All of this cannot be expected to change the actual driving habits of Italians: none of the previous tightening of pedestrian crossings has done so. But be careful: in the event of an accident, it becomes practically impossible to unload even a minimal amount of blame on the pedestrian. Already the previous jurisprudence rarely allowed it, limiting it to those few situations of absolute unpredictability of pedestrian behavior. Now that it is required to stop smoothly anyway, the unpredictability is in fact restricted to those few situations where pedestrian and vehicle are very close.


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