in Milan and Rome the center is prohibited

in Milan and Rome the center is prohibited
in Milan and Rome the center is prohibited
from Rinaldo Frignani

On Saturday demonstrations throughout Italy, the police garrison strengthened in front of the home of Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Parioli. Protesters on Telegram: «We disobey». Minister Lamorgese: “No to forcing but civic sense”

On the first day of no green pass protests after the Interior Ministry directive to contain parades and sit-ins, the prefectures’ countermeasures are triggered in cities throughout Italy to prevent initiatives close to sensitive areas and the risk of a further surge in infections in areas with a high tourist density and in view of the Christmas initiatives. Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese hopes that “there will be no dangerous forcing and that civic sense prevails: protesters follow the modalities agreed with the public security authorities. I remind the organizers – concludes the head of the Interior Ministry – that they have the duty to ensure that the initiatives take place in safety for the participants and without prejudice to the legitimate interests of citizens ». But the climate is still not the best: in Rome for days the garrison of the carabinieri in front of the home of Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Parioli has been visibly strengthened and the protest movements against vaccines and the green pass announce on Telegram that they want to “disobey the ban on demonstrating”.

In Milan, sit-ins and parades in Piazza Duomo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele are prohibited from 25 November to 9 January (reserved for religious ceremonies and cultural and entertainment events) and in any case from today on all holidays and days before holidays. Similar measures in Trieste, Bergamo and Naples, while in Padua the no green pass by car event called for today is prohibited. In Trento I allowed a sit-in in Piazza Dante and a procession but outside the restricted traffic area. A decision that could always be taken in Milan, where yet another unauthorized no pass meeting in Piazza Fontana is awaited, with a large deployment of police forces: ok for a possible procession but only towards the suburbs.

Four street initiatives are scheduled in Rome, but only one no green pass, at 3 pm at the Circus Maximus
, after the Prefecture has drawn up a list of places that can host events based on the risk range (high, medium, low): the Circus Maximus is high risk, indefinitely banned gatherings in front of the Quirinale, Montecitorio, Palazzo Chigi and Palazzo Madama. In the capital, as well as in Milan and other cities, the organizers of the events will be responsible not only for respecting the maximum number of participants announced at the police station but also for the peaceful conduct of the event, otherwise moved elsewhere or prohibited. Any interventions to enforce the use of masks and spacing could be completed “deferred”, also with the use of images recorded by the scientific police, to avoid problems of public order, with identifications and sanctions decided after the end of the protest. And while in Naples the Prefecture has decided to close an entire part of the historic center, in Bologna the mayor Matteo Lepore emphasizes that for now there are “no particular restrictions”.

For today, parades have also been announced in Genoa, Aosta, Gorizia, Cagliari, Pistoia. In Turin, no pass to piazza Castello. And also in Milan, where yesterday the carabinieri searched the homes of four no vax accused of having threatened two journalists (Enrico Fedocci del Tg5 and Salvatore Garzillo of Ansa e Fanpage) who have followed the demonstrations in recent days and have filed other reporters using Telegram, there is concern about the infiltration of provocateurs at the event of Robert Kennedy jr, champion of the no vax, always scheduled today at 15 at the Arco della Pace.

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