Modena, yesterday evening the assembly of Italia Viva – Politics

The Regional Coordinator of Italia Viva Emilia Romagna Stefano Mazzetti was also present as a guest throughout the evening

Last night in Modena, in the Sala Gorrieri of Palazzo Europa, the Assembly of members of Italia viva Modena was held in the presence. Throughout the evening the Regional Coordinator of Italy Viva Emilia Romagna Stefano Mazzetti, currently involved in the “Renew Europe” project in Italy, was also present as a guest, together with Sandro Gozi, general secretary of the European Democratic Party. “Saturday the first stone of the house of reformists and liberal democrats is laid, the first step towards Renew Italy”, said the Regional Coordinator, referring to the event to be held tomorrow in Rome entitled “Renew Europe, renew Europe and politics “. During the meeting there was a linear discussion between the members and the sympathizers, moderated and managed by the two provincial coordinators of Italia Viva Modena Alexandra Sitta (from Mirandola) and Franco Maria Tonelli (from Modena).
The meeting was also attended by the area coordinators: Claudia Cicolani and Saverio Catellani, together with the coordinators of the city of Carpi and the textile district, Guido Ferrante, coordinator for the land of castles and Vignola, Maurizio Farina, coordinator of Formigine.
“Italia Viva must be distinguished first and foremost for its way of doing politics, based on education and competence, today little valued. I am sure that together we will be able to become interlocutors of many local realities, but we need teamwork and punctual listening “, concludes Alexandra, coordinator from Mirandola, recalling that the next and imminent appointment will specifically concern the members and sympathizers of the nine Municipalities of the Area North.

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Modena yesterday evening assembly Italia Viva Politics

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