“horror in the Church”, as far as it had gone – Libero Quotidiano

“horror in the Church”, as far as it had gone – Libero Quotidiano
“horror in the Church”, as far as it had gone – Libero Quotidiano

The reckless provocation cost dear to don Gino Pierosara, priest no vax: the bishop of Fabriano-Matelica monignor Francesco Massara he decided to to remove the parish priest of San Sebastiano Martire di Fabriano brand (Ancona) which last November 7 had organized a meeting of the unvaccinated in the church. About a hundred people and one attended the meeting gynecologist already expelled from the Order in 2019. “The decision – reads a note – for the danger caused by thegathering of dozens of people without masks and distancing “. In a video that went viral, those present thank a teacher” who reminded us of Nuremberg and the death camps, something that hurt my heart “.

The conference, explains Monsignor Massara, motivating his decision, “took place in violation of governmental and ecclesiastical norms on the containment and pandemic prevention, as witnessed in a video by the same lecturer. This has resulted in a serious infringement of the provisions and norms to be respected in places of worship and parishes “.

The bishop expresses his closeness to the “community of Marischio, trusting that serenity will return soon” and asking “forgiveness to all those who have had discomfort from this painful event”. With the revocation of the mandate, Don Gino lapses “at the same time also from the office of diocesan exorcist”, with immediate effect.

The comment of Gabriele Santarelli, mayor of the 5 Star Movement di Fabriano: “Fabriano and the entire hinterland area are showing a much better hold in the numbers of infections than what is unfortunately happening in the rest of the province. We cannot afford to compromise this situation due to the attitude irresponsible of those who endanger the health and life of others for a personal choice and incomprehensible to my view. But here it is not a question of making ideological battles between those in favor of the vaccine and those against it, but of severely punishing those who endanger the lives of others and social estate of a city with narrow anachronistic motivations and in all respects outside the truth “.

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