The former senator of Forza Italia Giancarlo Pittelli under house arrest after a decision by the Review

The former senator of Forza Italia Giancarlo Pittelli under house arrest after a decision by the Review
The former senator of Forza Italia Giancarlo Pittelli under house arrest after a decision by the Review

The Reggio Calabria Review Court ordered house arrest for the former Forza Italia senator Giancarlo Pittelli arrested on 19 October for external competition in the context of the “Mala Pigna” investigation, coordinated by the Dda of Reggio Calabria. The Review therefore partially accepted the appeal of the lawyers Guido Contestabile and Salvatore Staiano, Pittelli’s defenders already involved in the “Rinascita-Scott” maxi-trial, instructed by the Catanzaro DDA. For that investigation, the lawyer Pittelli was under house arrest in his home where in the weeks he was joined by theorder of custody signed by the investigating judge Vincenza Bellini at the request of the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri, the deputy Gaetano Paci and the deputies of the Dda Gianluca Gelso, Paola D’Ambrosio and Giorgio Panucci.

According to the prosecutors who coordinated the “Mala pigna” investigation against the Piromalli clan, Pittelli was at the disposal of the ‘Ndrangheta. At the center of the investigation conducted by the carabinieri there was a waste traffic managed by the entrepreneur Rocco Delfino, freemason and trusted man of the Piromalli but also confidant of the secret services and infidels of the state. Just with Delfino, known by the nickname of “u Rizzo”, had relations Giancarlo Pittelli who, according to the DDA was a “politician, professional, fixer of reference having established a stable ‘synallagmatic’ relationship with the ‘Ndrangheta'”.

According to the investigative findings, in fact, the former Forza Italia senator would have guaranteed “his general willingness towards the association to solve the various problems of the members, exploiting the enormous potential deriving from the relations of the same with important representatives of the institutions and public administration”. The lawyer Pittelli, in fact, had “unlimited possibilities of access to confidential information and preferential treatment”. This is the reason why “he conveyed information – it is written in the charge – inside and outside the prison among the leaders of the Piromalli clan held in prison pursuant to article 41 bis”.

The reference is to the boss Giuseppe Piromalli known as “Facciazza” and to his son Antonio for whom, according to the prosecutors, he would have played the role of “‘postman’ in the ballistic report relating to themurder of judge Antonino Scopelliti”, The deputy attorney general of the Court of Cassation killed on 9 August 1991 in an ambush in Campo Calabro, in the Reggio area, while returning home in his car. In particular, according to the accusatory system, the former parliamentarian would have submitted to the attention of the entrepreneur Rocco Delfino, considered a “subject of extreme trust” of the Gioia Tauro clan, “a letter from Antonio Piromalli aimed at making a payment tracked and receipted for the technical consultant who should have drawn up the consultancy on behalf of Giuseppe Piromalli known as’ Facciazza ‘investigated as principal, in competition with other heads of’ Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra Siciliana gangs, of the murder of Judge Scopelliti acting as spokesperson the needs of the clan “.

According to the magistrates, Pittelli would have planned “a system in order to circumvent the traceability of the money necessary for defensive strategies, coming from criminal profits”. These are all accusations that the former senator rejected during the guarantee questioning and also during the hearing before the Review Court that in the coming weeks he will file the reasons for which he revoked the precautionary measure in prison, replacing it with house arrest.

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