“Only with vaccine and no swab is a political decision”

“Only with vaccine and no swab is a political decision”
“Only with vaccine and no swab is a political decision”

The mandatory Green pass in Italy based only on the vaccine and no longer on tampons “is a political decision, it is being evaluated above all at the government level. It is clear that the vaccine protects ourselves and others, it is certainly a more effective measure of the tampon, which photographs the immediate situation “. Thus the director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza, in a press conference on the weekly Covid monitoring of the control room.

VACCINES – “Covering both the most fragile and the least fragile people who can transmit the infection with anti-Covid vaccination and a recall is particularly important – said Rezza – Doing it now can avoid the spike in cases that would otherwise force us to take burdensome measures“.

The experience of other countries, where the situation is more critical, suggests that “either we intervene early with the vaccination campaign or we take particularly burdensome measures. And I believe that by now – he warned – the population and the economy, even that of individuals, not only the ‘macro-economy’, these measures would not stand them “.

YELLOW AREA – “We cannot rule out a further increase in cases in the coming weeks – said Rezza – but this may not be accompanied by a growth in cases in intensive care, thanks to the effect of the vaccines and the measures taken. But if the incidence rises, some white regions may turn yellow: it is now impossible to say when there will be a peak of cases “.

CHRISTMAS – New pandemic peak at Christmas? “Right now it’s hard to make predictions, unless you have the glass ball.” We cannot “know what the trend will be in the next few weeks, because behavior could change. There could be, for example, a rush to get vaccinated, while now there is a bit of stasis. And therefore it is difficult to make these predictions” he said. said the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health.

“We are in a new situation. We have also discussed it with mathematical modelers”, he added, recalling that mathematical models “are based on assumptions, but right now it is difficult to know which assumptions can be taken into consideration”.

“We are confident that the measures that have been taken in Italy have been more important than those taken in other countries”, such as “the Green pass which does not give us zero risk but reduces the risk of transmission of the infection in closed environments “.

SKI SEASON – “For now I don’t see any signs that make the ski season impractical, as in previous years. The Green pass is an important prevention tool, common sense is always needed: we are happy if everyone goes back to skiing, if the activity starts again from an economic point of view. Of course, if the situation worsens to the point of determining the need to evaluate some restrictive measures, at the moment it cannot be ruled out, but I really hope that it will not get to that point “, said Rezza.

ARRIVALS FROM ABROAD – With regard to arrivals from abroad, “I do not think that further measures are currently being considered for those coming from other EU countries, there is no need for immediate measures at the moment. Currently the flow of travelers is not such as to determine a increase in the circulation of the virus in our country, and in any case we keep scrupulous measures in place, such as the assiduous and extensive use of the Green pass “.

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