The INPS has sold another 113 apartments to its tenants in Rome

The INPS has sold another 113 apartments to its tenants in Rome
The INPS has sold another 113 apartments to its tenants in Rome

AGI – The INPS has concluded the block sale of another 113 apartments in Rome, in the Tuscolano district, for a total collection of € 6,097,808.23, properties purchased by tenants who exercised the right of first refusal, taking advantage of the legal benefits.

The sale, in compliance with the rules and directives on the management of public residential assets, took place following the preliminary market estimate of the properties of the Quadraro complex, carried out by the Revenue Agency and a proposal to the entitled tenants, based on under the conditions provided for on the price of the first home by sector regulations.

The operation – explains INPS – concerned properties located in the south-eastern quadrant of the capital, in an area that has long been the scene of abuses and illegal occupations. With the sale to entitled tenants, the Institute intends to affirm the principle of legality and respond to the legitimate expectations of regular tenants.

Also this real estate sale, like those carried out in the first nine months of this year (828 properties sold), was of particular importance in the current context of severe housing emergency in areas with high population density.

As for the other sales, the amount resulting from the sale will partly go to fuel future investments to optimize the real estate and functional management of the INPS offices in the country. The operation is in addition to the real estate sales activities planned by the Central Directorate for Assets and Investments for the three-year period 2021 – 2023 as part of the plan promoted by the current presidency of the Institute and which includes, thanks to a recent regulatory change, also the possibility ‘of direct sales to local authorities, according to specific conditions and social purposes.


INPS sold apartments tenants Rome

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