Still 1,390 places in nurseries, spring and childhood sections of Milan

Friday 12 November 2021 – 16:38

Still 1,390 places in nurseries, spring and childhood sections of Milan

Municipality updates rankings, new assignments by the end of the month

Milan, 12 Nov. (askanews) – The Municipality of Milan is making another 1,390 places available to families, of which 187 in nursery schools / spring sections and 1,203 in preschools. This is the result of the fourth and last update of the rankings for access to these structures. Starting today, parents still on the waiting list will be able to consult the lists and indicate up to two locations: the new assignments will be formalized by the end of the month.

“With this new update – wrote the deputy mayor and councilor for education Anna Scavuzzo in a note – we plan to further reduce the waiting lists. We know that there are still 1,800 children in the ranking and we hope that the availability of another 1,390 places will satisfy the requests of families. To make it easier to consult the lists, we will send a link to those who have not yet found a place in the preferred schools. It is a further effort that we make to meet the parents ”.

In this educational year, the Municipality of Milan has made available to boys and girls in the 0/6 range about 30 thousand places, 8,604 in nurseries and spring sections and 20,888 in kindergartens. Between June and October, three updates of the rankings have already been carried out with the relative assignment of places and reduction of the waiting lists. After this latest update, confirmation and enrollment operations for the next educational year will be launched in December.



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