it will be a weekend of cold and rain

After the short summer of San Martino which on Friday gave the last warmth of seasons also in Milan with ample spells and highs even higher than 15 degrees, the weather returns to worsen during the weekend.

“The arrival of more humid and cooler air from Northern Europe will determine an increase in clouds during the day on Saturday with gray skies since the morning on the plains due to fogs and low clouds – explained the meteorologist Daniele Berlusconi of -. By the afternoon the skies will cover almost everywhere with first rains that in the evening will extend to most of the region. Sunday will be a day of bad autumn weather with widespread clouds and rain even in reverse for most of the day. Snow will fall in the mountains above 1400-1700 meters. The trend will be towards an improvement in the weather during the day on Monday, albeit with persistent low clouds on the flat areas “.

The forecasts for the weekend of Sunday 14 November

  • Saturday: fogs and low clouds between night and morning, overcast in the afternoon with first precipitation intensifying in the evening. Temperatures: 10/12.

  • Sunday: overcast with rain and showers for most of the day. Temperatures: 10/11


weekend cold rain

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