Bologna, no place in the Commission for Equal Opportunities for the trans activist. Center-right advisers: “She’s not a woman”

Porpora Marcasciano was denied the session in the equal opportunities commission of the Municipality of Bologna as a trans activist, therefore a non-woman. He was decided by the abstention by eleven directors and center-right adviser on the occasion of his appointment. They appealed to a technicality, explaining that the role must be entrusted to the less represented gender, which in this case is the female one. «To the right-wingers who have not recognized me as a subjectivity and as a gender – Marcasciano said the Republic – I say that from today I will do even more to make the city of Bologna more welcoming and fabulous. I thank those who voted for me, giving me the honor of representing people who have never had a voice ». There is not the mayor Matteo Lepore who called what happened a “serious gesture”. «Even in a progressive and democratic city like Bologna there is a lot of work to be done to overcome discrimination. I believe that the right has made a tear today, institutional but above all human, on which it should reflect. To Porpora go my support, my solidarity and a big good luck for the work that will have to carry out. And of which there is great need », he added. The Civic Coalition, from whose ranks it was elected, recalls that “its genre is the least represented in history”.

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