45 years of punk anarchy with Glezos, Wilco, Silvio Capeccia and Fulvio Muzio: Rock Files Live!

Milano – Wednesday 17 November 2021 the appointment with i Rock Files Live! from LifeGate Radio scheduled, as usual, at the Spirit de Milan.

Milano – Forty-five years ago i Sex Pistols released their first single, Anarchy In The Uk, considered the zero point of the punk revolution. And the new episode of Rock Files Live !, entitled 45 years of punk anarchy and which has as its protagonists some Italian artists of the rock wave that has swept the world and still shakes consciences today.

Milano – Ezio Guaitamacchi welcomes on the stage of the Spirit de Milan, in an unprecedented acoustic duo, Glezos, punk icon and ex-front man of the Piedmontese UFOs, e Wilco of the Rats, an Emilian punk rock band that set the nineties on fire. After them it is the turn of Silvio Capeccia e Fulvio Muzio dei Decibel, the Milanese group that under the guidance of Enrico Ruggeri wrote some of the first pages of Italian punk. Ruggeri’s two main collaborators have revitalized the Decibel repertoire by re-proposing it in a new key. The historian of punk Stefano Gilardino embellishes everything with curiosity, background and anecdotes.

The evening is at free entry subject to availability before 10pm. To participate you need to fill in the appropriate form form on line. Further information on email.

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